Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome

I sat down to write an introduction for our new digs here at Stately Play Manor with the hope that someday a wizened Justin Bieber would be asked to narrate my words for one of the technological advances in Sid Meier’s Civilization XXXII. Something like Writing or Literature would be fine, but only because Hubris currently lacks a slot on the tech tree. As always happens when I wax rhapsodic about my writing skill, the end result tends to fall just shy [if “just shy” means not even close -ed.] of my expectations. I’m sure that you will also find this to be true, but I ask you to stick with it until the end anyway. You’ve already made it this far, after all.

Some of you may know me, but many of you may not. My name is Dave Neumann and I wrote for another site for many years, Pocket Tactics. Apart from the writing, I was also the News Editor for several years and the Editor-in-Chief for a few minutes longer than a fruit fly’s lifespan. Pocket Tactics was created years ago by the mysterious and dashing Owen Faraday who saw the future of mobile gaming and the free-to-play nightmares it contained. Thus, Pocket Tactics focused on games for gamers. High strategy games, war games, digital board games with nary a paywall in sight. It was pretty great.

The object of Stately Play is the same: focus on games that require strategy and thought and less on Skinner boxes in disguise. Unlike Pocket Tactics, which only focused on mobile gaming, we’re going to run the gamut here at Stately Play. We’ll cover games for iOS and Android, of course, but we’ll also be covering games for PC and the tabletop. We might even cover stuff that isn’t related to games at all. I’m planning on writing a monograph on the analysis of different tobacco ashes. It should be a humdinger!

Who is this “we” that I keep mentioning. If you were a Pocket Tactics reader, many of their names should be familiar: Kelsey Rinella, Alex Connolly, Tof Eklund, Tanner Hendrickson, Jim Cobb, and Matt Thrower. Of course, we may have more as time goes on. What you should know is that none of us are beholden to any master. All of us are writing what we want, when we want with no deadlines or influences from any external forces. Kelsey is the one who fronted the cash (and behind-the-scenes manpower) to get the site up and running, and none of us are getting paid for our contributions. If that ever changes, you’ll be the first ones to know.

Anyway, I’ve talked long enough. Sit back, relax, and add us to your RSS feed. I hope to bring news to you every day, while the other writers are already hard at work to review games that you, serious gamers, care about.

Thanks for checking us out, and we hope you stick along for the ride.

You can reach Dave at dave@statelyplay.com with tips or comments. You can follow us here or on our twitter page, @statelyplay. 

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