I usually lose my games by the end of turn 1. Now I can lose them earlier.

Twilight Struggle coming to Android and getting expansion all at once

If a gaming website were to have some type of “Best of” at the end of the year (spoiler, we’re doing it the week between Xmas and New Years), I think you’d find at least one writer putting in a vote for Twilight Struggle. If not the best app of 2016, it’s near the top and yesterday we learned that it’s going to get better before 2016 ends. Playdek announced that not only is the game making its long-awaited debut on Android, but it’s bringing with it an expansion pack and more. Oh, and it all happens next Monday.

While coming to Android is huge news for Android users, it’s not a bad deal for Cold Warriors on other platforms, either. The game will launch on Android at 50% off (only $5) and that sale price will also go into effect for the iPad version. Like playing on your laptop? Don’t worry, the Steam version of Twilight Struggle will be discounted as part of the Steam Winter Sale.

All platforms will also be getting new content in the form of an expansion and more. The mini-expansion is called Turn Zero and allows alternate starting scenarios for both superpowers. No idea how it will work, but color me intrigued. There are also some promo cards being released, an alternate Space Race track, and the card art from the deluxe cardboard edition. All this content can be yours via a $4 IAP on iPad and Android, and $5 for PC/Mac.

If you were a Kickstarter backer, the expansion content should be gratis. You can head over here (login required) and check out how to get your juicy new content just for being you.

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Notable Replies

  1. If I had to pick one game of the year, it would be Twilight Struggle. The iOS implementation has been completely flawless, and it's a really great game that has entertained me for longer than any other game I can recall this year.

  2. js619 says:

    App is updated with all the goodies. Discovered that if you're a Kickstarter backer and the expansion isn't showing up for you, login to the multiplayer portion and then go back to the main screen, and it should all be there.

  3. I've so far lost within the first three rounds to the USSR in all three of my offline games. So I'm either god awful, or the game is seriously geared towards the USSR winning (I'm guessing the former).

    Fire me a challenge though, I'm halfvoid on all Playdek games as well.

  4. js619 says:

    For those unfamiliar with the game and just getting into it (@halfvoid), https://twilightstrategy.com/ is a great resource. Older website, but it breaks down just about every card (if not every?) and discusses, in general, the best play for it. Also talks about general strategy, setup, etc...

  5. I did find the General Strategy chapter on Twilight Struggle to be very helpful when getting started, so I'd suggest reading that, then playing a few games before revisiting the site for the detailed breakdowns.

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