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Steam: Rails to Riches goes online with asynchronous play

I love me some Martin Wallace and Steam: Rails to Riches is one of his finest contributions to game shelves everywhere. A digital version was released last year from Acram Digital and it was polished and shiny with one glaring exception: no online multiplayer. Today, that’s been remedied. It’s just been updated to include asynchronous play and I think someone needs to organize a tournament.

Steam is a classic pick-up-and-deliver game in which you build tracks, upgrade engines, and turn towns into metropolises. It’s also a Martin Wallace game, which means there are loans, loans, and more loans, and you’ll never have enough money and will probably die alone and starving. If you’re lucky. It’s the classic “train-game” without the stock market complexities of the 18xx series of games.

Online multiplayer is asynchronous and cross-platform so Android and iOS users can play nicely together. They’re also trying to get greenlit on Steam for PC/Mac (you can, and should, go vote for them here), and I’m guessing multiplayer would play nicely with that version as well.

Steam is available for iOS Universal and Android and is currently on sale, so don’t wait to pick it up if you haven’t already.

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  1. update:
    i abandoned/deleted that game and have created a new game:

    Stately Play II (password: strange)

  2. congrats to Snotty on a well deserved win in game Stately Play Basic!
    GG indeed.
    lots of fun.
    for the most part of the game players' turns were concealed in "fog" because we had no replays then.
    but the end phase was absolutely enjoyable.
    nice little gold, silver and bronze trophies :blush:

    of course this was a kind of learning game. can't wait to play more Steam games, with replays right from the start.
    i would love to play/organize a tourney too.
    i could announce it in ingame global chat.
    we might get new registered users for Stately Play and more players for the tourney.

    it functioned quite well for Hill Climb 2.
    some new registered users, 2.5k views for the thread and more than 340 clicks for one of the links :smirk:

  3. I have no preference on map. I have played a few Standard games of Steam so far, so I am still exploring it. It's hard to know how many loans to take - you basically have to plan out your whole move ahead of time.

    Yes, I have Brass installed on my iphone too, and have played quite a few games. It seems lately, though, that someone times out after a few days and games never really get going. So I have no open Brass games currently. I have been keeping an eye on your Brass thread for the next tournament.

    I play Agricola on my phone against others, I play Twilight Struggle on my computer using Steam. I have Titan HD installed on my Ipad and I enjoy it, but my kids always have the Ipad. I play Puerto Rico on Boardgame Arena.

    Looking forward to our Steam game / tournament

  4. so nice!
    i will create game room "StatelyPlay France" (pw: Carca)
    edit: done

    @jason1002 and @irishdomer08, are you ready for that?

  5. no doubt about that Standard gameplay is deeper and more satisfying because of loans and auctions.
    but on the other hand of my 4 running Steam games the two later started Basic games are steaming forward very nicely and have overtaken both (kind of stalled) Standards.

    i guess it's the constant "something big is waiting for me around next corner"-feeling which drives the games forward.
    always something to build or to transport.
    there is no gap between looking around the map and making (undoubtedly great) plans and turning these into action.
    esp great for async games.
    so i must admit that i like the Basic games more than the advanced Standards in the moment.
    but maybe simply because there is some gaming going on :grimacing:

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