Yep, I was too lazy to go get a new image for Talisman

Happy Holidays: Talisman

It’s about time I come clean with all of you with why I enjoy writing about games so much. Sure, the money and fame are great, but what really gets me going is being able to boss around a bunch of writers and then not pay them. Yeah, it’s as great as it sounds. The other nice thing is getting to know people in the biz. Devs are pretty great, and when I put out a call for Christmas help this year, a bunch were happy to comply. Today’s generous donor of codes is Nomad Games of Talisman fame.

Nomad has been nice enough to send along ten codes for Talisman: Digital Edition and we’re here to pass them along to you, our readers. These codes will work for the PC/Mac edition via Steam and are easy for you to grab. Simply be one of the first ten to comment on this post and include Talisman in some form or fashion. I’ll send along the code posthaste.

UPDATE: We’ll also hand out codes if you message us at our Twitter account, @StatelyPlay. Send us a tweet there with the word Talisman in it!

Good Luck!

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