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Talisman prepares to enter the Firelands

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If it seems like it’s only been a few weeks since Nomad Games updated their venerable flagship, Talisman, I can’t blame you. It’s actually been over a month, but the Talisman expansions are so numerous at this point it feels like there’s a new one each time you load up the app. Today is like that, except when I loaded it up there really was a new expansion waiting for me, The Firelands. It’s probably waiting for you, too. Go check, we’ll wait.

The Firelands is a small-box expansion meaning that it adds a buttload of new cards, but no new board to explore. That’s okay because this expansion actually alters the board you already know and love. It introduces Terrain cards which allow you to change spaces from their normal function. Annoyed that the Wizard can live it up at the Graveyard? Nuke it and turn it into a hills space. Or, if you’re the wizard, turn another space into a second graveyard. Who’s stopping you?

Apart from the terrain cards, there are also four new characters to play, three new endings, 81 new adventure cards, 18 new spells, and more. The expansion is available on all platforms now and to celebrate, Nomad has dropped the price of the game on all platforms as well.

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Notable Replies

  1. I am really liking this expansion so far, except one thing.

    The fire tokens are hard to see when they're on a space, and I'm not used to hovering over a space to see what's already on there (and I'm not sure that's even possible on iPad).

    Twice last night, I killed myself by going to a space with a fire marker on it with 1 Life Point left. And of course, I realized it as soon as I did it, but there's no taking back your move so I was stuck with it.

    I tweeted at them about this. Will see if they respond.

    would be nice to get a "are you really sure you want to do this? You will die" warning.

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