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Playdek set to unleash the War of Shadows on Ascension later today

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A few weeks ago one of the big muckety-mucks at Playdek contacted me to let me know that the Stately Play emails he’s received have misspelt “postmaster” as “plostmaster”. Being the socially stunted infant that I am, I followed up his friendly email by neither fixing the problem nor emailing him back and thanking him for the information. That’s the kind of thoughtful, thankful response I guarantee when you contact me here at Stately Play.

Turns out, he probably was too busy to read any reply I might have sent anyway, as Playdek’s first-born, Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer, has been taking up much of their time culminating in today’s release of the latest expansion, War of Shadows.

War of Shadows was a 2016 release for the cardboard version of Ascension, and includes about 100 new cards with with you can add to your Ascension collection or play as a standalone title.

Confirming that I lost the trail of Ascension lore years ago, the blurb that Playdek was offering for this one made no sense to me. Well, other than the 1-4 players part. That I figured out on my own, and it only took me about 15 minutes. Maybe all the exclamation points were throwing me off:

Ascension: War of Shadows Expansion!
A new darkness seeps into New Vigil from the Void, intent on restoring despair and desolation to a world that has forgotten it. The four factions recall their veteran heroes and reawaken the great war machines of the past, as they plan their first in the chaotic ebb and flow of light and dark. The War of Shadows has begun!
New dual-cost Heroes and Constructs require players to use both resources to acquire them, but have incredible power!
As the balance between Light and Dark shifts, cards gain additional powers depending on whether it’s Night or Day!
Playable as a stand-alone 1-4 player game, or combine with other Ascension games!

The War of Shadows expansion will be arriving for iOS, Android, and PC at some point later today and will run $4. To celebrate, Playdek is putting all other expansions on sale for $1 with the exception of Dreamscape which is down to $2.

Hat tip: halfvoid

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Notable Replies

  1. I noticed that "Plostmaster" typo a while ago and legitimately assumed you were trying to be clever, with the "Pl" in "Plostmaster" matching the "Pl" in "Play" ...

    Also, I'll take this opportunity to promote the upcoming War of Shadows tournament, which already has 12 participants. We're taking signups in the following thread:

  2. Sigh. It was. When I am given the opportunity to fill a text field, it's hard to restrain the impulse to do something silly. I'm torn between just changing it to "Stately Play Postmaster" and doing something more obviously silly. Here are some ideas I'm currently tossing around:
    FREE C1ALIS!!!!!
    Ashley Madison Customer Service
    Your Huckleberry
    Playdek's Target Audience

    But you all can probably do better, right?

  3. Yep that was our game. Someone else mentioned it might only appear in local, but this was an online match. Maybe because it was an invite game and not joining one from the list.

    When I played it I didn't get any pot of gold so maybe it only does that when you play with it's proper promo set.

  4. Leprechaun will appear in all games (offline and online) started between now and Sunday.

    There was a bug with adding the Leprechaun to rematch games, hence the online server were down for an hour this afternoon.

    Fucking Leprechauns!

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