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Tactical CCG, Faeria, arrives on the App Store

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After my torrid love affair with Hearthstone cooled, I kind of figured I was done with the whole CCG thing. After all, a big part of Hearthstone’s appeal was the setting, which I’d spent time in since the 90’s, and the polish that only a billion dollar developer can provide. 2016 surprised me, however, with not one, but two, new CCGs due for mobile that piqued my interest. The first is Duelyst, created by board game designer Eric Lang, and the second is Faeria. Both offer a CCG experience that incorporates a board and tiny little critters you can move around, but Faeria has one advantage over Duelyst, it’s been released for iPad.

Faeria released today for both PC/Mac and iOS. There’s also an Android version in the works, but we’ll have to wait a bit for it to arrive. The game offers the standard CCG setup of head-to-head battles using cards, but there’s also a board involved on which you’ll summon your minions. The difference between Faeria and other board-utilizing CCGs, is that you build the board as the game proceeds. Each turn you’ll add hexes, either to pick up more energy or head directly to your enemy and bonk them on the head. The choice is yours, but of course you also might want to block that path that your opponent is building right to your front door.

Apart from the online play, there is also a single-player campaign with over 20 hours of gameplay as well as practice matches vs. the AI. There are over 300 cards to unlock and different modes of play such as PvP and Draft mode. You can also log in and be a spectator, watching others play, and the tools for tournament creation are built right into the app.

Being a CCG, it should come as no surprise that the app is free to download with IAP for picking up new cards. How easy it is to obtain them in-game remains to be seen, but you should probably expect to drop a little coin if you want to experience everything it has to offer. Considering that the developers need to eat, that’s not the most unreasonable expectation.

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Notable Replies

  1. As I said elsewhere, Faeria clicked with me more than Duelyst - and Duelyst is good.

    But Faeria becoming available on iOS on the same day that War of the Shadows comes out ... that is a right old kick in the sleep pattern ...

  2. The iPad app is crashing right and left on me at this point, and I'm not even sure I set up an account correctly. Not impressed at the moment ...

  3. I have had my account for ages, so can't comment on that bit except i don't remember there being problems

  4. I have also had the luck - or the necessary X Factor in system setup - no freezes or crashes, just the little annoyances like only one landscape way up allowed. The update yesterday smoothed a little bit here and there.

    Great game. I also (cleverly!) just completed a quest by spectating Holsten win a game and that was nice ... he was beaten down but stood firm, stopped the onslaught and came back to triumph.

    I did not buy the full base set as per Baelnor and I wish I had. The current "Steam Launch Pack" is okay though and I have a great feeling of progression as I add cards ... and I like the puzzles (which also serve to teach).

  5. Jules says:

    It runs really slow on my ipad3.
    Already had an account, so no struggles registering.

    You get compensated for the full set, right?
    Chose that back in the day. (Kickstarter years ago)

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