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BrainGoodGames’ Militia makes its way to mobile

iOS Universal, Android, PC/Mac •

While it arrived on Steam way back in 2015, Militia escaped our attention mainly due to the fact that no mobile version was on the horizon. Turns out developer BrainGoodGames always had a mobile version planned, they just didn’t let us know about it until yesterday which is a good thing, because that’s when it landed on the App Store.

Militia is a single-player board/puzzle game that takes inspiration from a couple games you might have heard of: 868-HACK, Hoplite, Advance Wars, and, the most obscure, Chess [I’m not linking that one -ed.]. Like those games, the presentation is sparse, but the gameplay is deep and thinky. I already mentioned that it’s a solitaire title, but there are ladders so you can compare your progress with that of your enemies friends.

Militia is a quirky/simple strategy game that you can really sink your teeth into. It features a single-player ladder system so you can hone your skills and compare progress with other players. Militia also features procedurally generated levels so the challenge stays fresh. In Militia, you are the leader of a small troop of warriors, mages and cavalry and attempt to rout the local marauding banditry by dispatching their captains. Gameplay is turn based; on your turn you can issue one command to each of your units, and then the enemies each move on their turn according to strict and transparent movement rules.

The game includes the Dark World expansion which features an advanced mode of play with different heroes, enemies, and its own ladder.

Militia is available for both iOS Universal and Android as well as PC/Mac via Steam.

Notable Replies

  1. The developer says this an experiment to gauge demand, so if you are interested in their other titles, like Axes & Acres, all the more reason to grab it.

  2. Would LOVE Axes and Acres. That's probably my fav of BrainGood's games.

  3. js619 says:

    Bought this... almost immediately moved it to the folder entitled Games at Which I'm Awful

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