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Do we want Missile Cards on our iOS devices? Yes! You can help make it shiny.

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There have been plenty of great card game releases thus far in 2017, but one that wasn’t on my radar until a few weeks ago was Missile Cards from Nathan Meunier. A turn-based mashup of 1980’s Missile Command and 2015’s Card Crawl, Missile Cards has everything it takes to be a fantastic mobile title. Unfortunately, it’s only for PC right now, but that’s changing. In fact, it’s coming to iOS very, very soon.

Earlier today, developer Nathan Meunier tweeted that he’s looking for beta testers for the iOS version of Missile Cards. Now, I know the Stately Players [that’s you guys…I just came up with that. I’m brilliant. -ed.] are just the kind of folks who can look at a strategy game and whittle it to a fine point, so I want all of you heading over and signing up. The beta is only for this weekend, so it’s not like you’re signing up for a 6 month long clinical drug trial that involves thrice-a-day suppositories that may, or may not, be sugar pills. I was young, I needed the money.

Anyway, we’re talking 4-5 days here. Suck it up.

Head over here to sign up, and lets flood this thing!

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