Even Ezren didn't see this coming.

Pathfinder Adventures finally getting new content, just not THAT new content

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Back in December, Obsidian capped off the first Adventure Path for their bug-laden-yet-nearly-perfect card game, Pathfinder Adventures. Even before the final chapter was released, there were questions about the future of Pathfinder Adventures. Would it begin a new Adventure Path? Would there be new characters? Would the bugs ever get fully squashed? It’s nearly six months later and we’ve not heard an answer to any of those questions…wait for it…until this weekend. BOOM!

Over the weekend, Paizo held their annual convention and there was a smidgeon of talk about our old digital friend. Happily, we can confirm that Pathfinder Adventures is getting more content! Unhappily, we can confirm that it isn’t a new Adventure Path. At least not yet.

The big news is that Pathfinder Adventures is coming to PC/Mac via Steam, GoG, or the Mac App Store. For those of us who’ve already been playing on our tablets, there will be a single-account system that will allow you to access all your paid-for content regardless   of where you’re logging in. They’re also introducing a Stash mechanism to the game which will allow you to store up to 10 cards you’re not using rather than banishing them. Not sure I understand if this is a way to keep loot between adventures or will be used to keep from having to banish cards during play? Someone with a bigger brain, please explain the stash to me.

The other news is all about that new content. It’s called Rise of the Goblins and will consist of 5 new scenarios based on the tabletop module, We Be Goblins!. There will be two playable goblin characters as well as goblin alts for all those characters we’ve already come to know and love.

So, we’re getting new content, just not the much wished for Skull & Shackles or Wrath of the Righteous paths. The fact that they’re releasing PA on another platform would indicate that the game isn’t dying and that new adventure paths will be coming down the road, it would just be nice to see what’s up ahead.

In other Pathfinder news, how have I never seen this trailer until today? It was released 8 months ago and it might be the best thing ever.

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