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Asmodee Digital has lost their minds, Onirim is still free

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Being of an unstable mind myself, I usually try to not diagnose the mental health of others on the internet. Regardless of how off-the-rails their comment or post might be, you’re only getting a small sliver of the person behind the keyboard. That said, I think we might need to send help to Asmodee Digital and make sure they’re okay. Over the weekend, they put their hit card game, Onirim, on sale and, for some reason, it’s still on sale. Oh, and when I say “on sale” I mean free.

Onirim is a fantastic solitaire card game (Kelsey’s review) that only got better last week with the release of a free expansion, The Glyphs. Over the weekend, someone at Asmodee accidentally (I have to assume) hit the “free” switch for Onirim, making it gratis for the entire holiday weekend. That’s fine. I can see how someone would make that error, then everyone leaves for the weekend only to find, in horror, what happened Tuesday morning and quickly reversing course. Turns out, however, that maybe it wasn’t an accident?

If you haven’t played Onirim yet, I urge you to go and download it now for free. It’s a fantastic solo time waster in the vein of games like Threes! or Card Crawl and it deserves to be on everyone’s phone. Getting it for free is like stealing.

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