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Pathfinder Adventures moving to PC/Mac in 2 weeks

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Close your eyes and empty your mind, we’re going on a journey into the past. Falling…falling we watch the time pass by until we reach…yesterday. Oh, right, it was only yesterday when we announced that Pathfinder Adventures would be coming to PC/Mac some time down the road. Anyway, it turns out that road is a very short one with Obsidian today confirming that Pathfinder Adventures would be coming to PC/Mac on June 15.

Pathfinder Adventures will be available on Steam, GoG, and the Mac App Store with the only questions I have involving the cost. The mobile version is free-to-download with the campaign, alternate characters, and more being available via IAP. Yesterday’s announcement included some odd pricing information.

Base Game: $24.99, Obsidian Edition (all content unlocked): $39.99

I’m guessing the PC/Mac version will be $25 to download, but what content will be included with that? For an additional $15 you can unlock all content, but what content? Is that the Rise of the Runelords campaign or just the new Rise of the Goblins content? Or, does $40 include all current and future content? We have a call in to Obisidian, but hadn’t heard back before we had to post. Will include the information in the comments when we get it.

The other question not answered in any of the press releases we received today is if the new Rise of the Goblins content will be available when the PC/Mac version launches. Considering that it’s noticeably absent from any of the information we received, I’m guessing that you’ll have to wait to get your Goblin on.

Regardless of the answers, I’ll be one of the first to download this onto my Mac when it goes live on the 15th. I love the game so damn much that I’d rather throw Obsidian more money than feed my kids. It’s about time they started fending for themselves, anyway.

Favorite trailer ever below, with the addition of an Apple II at the end! I had one of those! Yes, I’m old!

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