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Villains of the Multiverse launching on June 22

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And…we’re back. Sorry for the lack of content this week, but summer vacation started this week for my kids and, coincidentally, my wife has been gone since Sunday on a business trip, leaving me with no time to myself to get anything written. While summer will make it a little harder for me to get content up, I don’t plan on going AWOL very often, so I apologize for the past few days. Let’s get caught up, shall we?

The biggest news of the week (maybe?) comes from our friends at Handelabra who have announced the next major update for Sentinels of the Multiverse is arriving on June 22.

The expansion is Villains of the Multiverse and it’s a doozy. Ten new villains get added into the mix and all of them can be used in Team Mode. Team Mode, introduced with the Vengeance expansion, allows the villains to create their own Legions of Doom and force your heroes to battle up to four baddies at once.

When mixed in with the 5 Team Mode villains from Vengeance, there are now more than 384 thousand possible villain team combinations to battle. I wouldn’t worry about it though as there are currently more than 8.2 million possible hero teams you can assemble (seriously, we did the math).

As usual, there’s more! Also included in the Villains expansion are four new environments to act as set pieces for your heroes. With this expansion, the digital version has caught up to its cardboard cousin. The only deck still missing from the digital version is the Celestial Tribunal deck, and that’s coming in the next mini-expansion.

Look for the update to land on iOS, Android, and PC/Mac on June 22.

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Notable Replies

  1. Don't you have collaborators that are also supposed to be posting things? I didn't know it was all you, Dave. :stuck_out_tongue:

    Looking forward to seeing this next week.

  2. It's harder than you'd think to get collaborators when you're going rate is $0.00/word.


    Looking at ways to get SP to start making some money because I'm doing this all for free now and the family budget is starting to look rather menacing...

  3. I really, really want to love this game. On paper, it is a dream come true. But in practice, it continues to fall flat no matter how many times I boot it up and try again. I don't mind the mathiness of the game, especially since the app takes care of that for me; I think my issue is how badly I continually get beat down. Yes, I know that there is quite a bit of variability with the ease/difficulty of the heroes and villains, but I feel like I can either beat Baron Blade relatively easily or get my face handed to me by just about anyone else. On top of that, I feel like I get beat down so incredibly badly before I even get to take my turn that I often struggle to find the motivation to keep playing. I recently tried a random game and hand to take on a villain (I don't even remember who it was. I didn't recognize him and I am not seeing him on the Sentinels website) who put out some sort of ongoing card that made me discard 2 the first time I attacked him every turn. He had two of these out by turn 2 and I had no card removal, so by merely attacking him, I had to discard 4 cards every turn. I got so burned out so quickly that I didn't feel like continuing.

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