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Open-world adventure, forma.8, comes to mobile

iOS Universal, PC/Mac •

Being old and lazy, I hadn’t heard of forma.8 until yesterday. It’s been on Steam since February, but that’s Alex’s domain, and I hate stepping on his toes. Plus, did I mention I’m lazy? Searching Steam for new games just isn’t my bag.

Luckily, forma.8 has arrived on what is exactly my bag: the App Store. Retitled forma.8 GO, it brings the open-world exploration and action to our small screens. Oh, and it’s on sale.

Just because I’m now aware of forma.8 doesn’t mean I have any clue what the hell it actually is. The blurb states it’s an open-world action/adventure game with a huge world to explore. So far so good. Let’s blurb the details:

– Explore a huge, open world full of secrets
– Solve ancient mysteries
– Gain new power-ups to progress in your adventure
– Fight deadly enemies and face powerful bosses
– Delve into a deep and cryptic lore
– Beautifully hand-drawn vector graphics

See, I told you it sounded pretty good. The mobile version is available for both iOS Universal and AppleTV, if that’s your bag. Lot’s of bags in today’s post. It’s also on sale right now, so you can pick it up for 35% off.

I’m going to see if I can get a review on this one, but with summer currently in full swing, I don’t want to make any promises. Watch the trailer and see what you think.

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Notable Replies

  1. Yeah, basically metroidvania just means 2d platformer with a single large map that gradually expands as you acquire more abilities that unlock new areas. (like getting a double jump ability makes you able to get past a walled off section, or a fire ability that lets you burn away obstacles)

  2. Pitta says:


    I'm love with forma.8
    It's a great metroidvania...think Aquaria meets Waking Mars meets Another World.
    Atmosphere is awesome...you are stranded in this alien world and you have to figure everything out, old school style.
    Tons of exploration, bosses, puzzles...
    I'm 5 hours in, around 30 percent of the game according to the save menu.
    Can wait to go in bed with headphones and continue to 'live' in its alien world.
    Game is not easy AT ALL, mind you.

    You can also check Steam reviews, all but one very positive.

  3. Pitta says:

    Just completed the game.

    It was ABSOLUTELY GLORIOUS with one scene that became an instant classic in my videogame culture.

    Loved every second of it...from the initial slow exploration, to the frantic boss battles, to the clever puzzles.

    I have still one puzzle to sole and I wonder what happens...I completed the game at 76 percent.

    If anyone played it...I would LOVE to discuss the ending.

  4. I've tried on both and found the iPad easier to control. My finger keeps slipping off the screen on my phone, and my little probe just stops going.

  5. Pitta says:

    Just 100% forma.8 and finally got the real ending.

    Absolutely GLORIOUS, awesome Metroidvania which gave me my sci-fi fix and the some.
    Some puzzles where really mind bending.

    Highly recommended.

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