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Age of Rivals comes to mobile this week

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Remember Age of Rivals? We talked about it back in March and its mashup of civ-builder and CCG gave us all sorts of warm and fuzzies when we played in on our laptop. For those of you who prefer to do your gaming on the go, you’re in for a treat, because Age of Rivals is coming to mobile this Thursday.

Age of Rivals is an original CCG that completely eschews the standard CCG model by ditching the concept of random boosters. You’ll find no IAP in Age of Rivals, instead all cards are unlocked as you play meaning you’ll eventually get all the cards, and never have to worry about picking up a crappy card that you already own three copies of.

While we love Age of Rivals’ lack of IAP, what really makes the game shine is its gameplay. The main mechanism is drafting. Each player is dealt four cards, picks one, and hands the remaining cards to your opponent. Do you take a card you really need or steal a card that doesn’t help you, but would really help out your opponent? It’s the same mechanism popularized by games like 7 Wonders and Fairy Tale, and it’s a good one.

Cards are then played to a tableau where they’ll interact to bring your civilization wealth, resources, military might and more. The game has leaders, conquest, economics, and is way deeper than you might think when you take a look at the screenshots. Despite the depth and complexity, you can still finish a game in under 10 minutes.

I haven’t played this one as much as I’d like, but only because it’s on my laptop. This might shock you, but I prefer to game on my tablet and phone, so this will be an immediate pick up for me when it lands on iOS and Android this Thursday. Another incentive for a quick buy is its special launch price. Age of Rivals will go live on mobile this Thursday and cost only $1. That’s a ridiculous price for the amount of game you’re getting so don’t delay in grabbing this one when it launches.

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  1. Been looking forward to this one. I've had it on my steam wish list, but I generally don't pick things up on PC if I know they are coming to iOS. But the price is so cheap, if the PC version is in the Steam Summer Sale, maybe I will grab both.

  2. Multiplayer is definitely live play. Matches only take about 5 minutes or so though. Plays out quicker than Hearthstone or really any other multiplayer digital card game.

    The AI is fairly competent as well, and theres a few campaign style "special rules" matches that need to be completed to unlock some of the cards.

  3. Age of Rivals is out on US App Store. It's only $0.99 at the moment as well. I watched a few YouTube videos of the PC version. This was an instant buy for me.

  4. I'm really diggin this game. It's got the empire building aspects that I like about Race for the Galaxy, while also having an interesting draft mechanic. You draw four cards, choose one, swap hands with your opponent, and choose one of theirs. This repeats 4 or 8 times (depending on the round) per round, with a few war and score phases between the start of another. The cards are anything from resources, infantry, defensive walls, cultural wonders, etc.

    The game looks like it's got IAPs but it doesn't. What I mean by this, is you unlock cards by earning gold for random packs. Although I don't think you get repeats for anything but identities, as it just unlocks the cards and upgrades identities. You get 15 gold for an AI win, 30 for a human win, and you always have 3 quests that are super easy to beat, they've just been play or win 1 or 2 games so far. The quests fill in with a new one when you repeat, so it's not a daily or anything like that. All in all, very generous with the gold as its just a way to gate off some cards so you're not super overwhelmed with new cards in your first few games.

    There is no deck building either. Cards are randomly chosen from your collection of unlocked cards at the beginning of the game to make your deck.

    I'm having a blast with it so far. I've played 3 games online already. They're pretty quick, but extremely dense with interesting decisions imo.

    I also started an empire for us. It's called StatelyPlayCoalition. Basically it's a guild in-game. We can all try to complete some empire wide quests, and we get some bonus gold every day for being in one. Join up. This game is definitely worth $0.99, and I'd easily pay $9.99 for it.

    Let me know if you guys have any questions.

  5. @Baelnor @js619 I've started to notice that I feel that way when I don't get a couple of good economy cards in the first few cards. Discounts can add up a lot, and giving your opponent tax money can be devastating even though it is sometimes easy to overlook. I mean, if you get a resource on the first turn and only use it two times a round that gives you net 11 plus gold (8 from discounts, and 3 from round income). That's a ton, in fact it's roughly equivalent to a modest round income spread throughout the game. That's ignoring the tax your opponent lost because they don't own it, cards with double discounts, and the fact that you'll probably get that discount more than 2 times a round.

    I tried to go really heavy military for a while, but that frees up a lot of the holy type cards that usually come with big point values for my opponent. When it works, it's crushing. I haven't ironed out the kinks yet though.

    Oh, and in case you weren't aware, resources are associated with certain card types. If you go to the cards screen, the top banner will tell you the primary resource of that type. I missed this for a long time.

    @TheDukester Your time will come. You will hit the, "I'm hot shit now" slump, and it will be infuriating.

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