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Roguelike card game, Solitairica, getting more content in major update

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While we love heavy, complex board and card games, sometimes it’s nice to just relax and play something a little simpler. Something that doesn’t tax your brain too much, but can still be considered a true game with your actions and choices making a difference. The king in this category is probably Card Crawl, but there are others out there that fit the bill rather nicely as well. One of those is last year’s Solitairica from Righteous Hammer. A fun, fast roguelike that kept you coming back for more because of all the new content you could unlock. For those of us who, long ago, unlocked everything Solitairica had to offer, listen up! More content is on the way via an expansion: Primal Champions.

Solitairica is getting a major update on June 29th that will include both free and paid content. Let’s talk about the free stuff first. Everyone who updates will get the Epic Journey expansion which is a new format that unlocks once you defeat Emperor Stuck with a deck. You can then use that deck on an Epic Journey which bumps up the difficulty of the monsters, adds 10 more battles (for a total of 28!), beefs up the Emperor, and makes coins a bit tighter so you won’t be able to buy all the goodies you want. In other words, it will kick you in the teeth, which is all we ever wanted, really.

As for the paid update, there will be a $1 IAP that unlocks four new characters each with their own single-colored deck.

  • Barbarian (Attack)
    Bonus card destruction when heart is low, but be careful…overflowing attack energy damages you. An aggressive deck that encourages risky play.
  • Vanguard (Defense)
    Powerful armor spells, and the ability to spend your armor as a resource and destroy cards. High defense with an explosive counter strike.
  • Acrobat (Agility)
    The combination of an exclusive wild card spell, and a trait that always reveals the second card in a column, makes this the ultimate sequencing deck.
  • Sorcerer (Willpower)
    Exclusive destruction and healing spells that add disruptive cards to the enemies deck. Very strategic, with lots of fun decision making.

The most fun I had playing Solitairica was unlocking new characters and then trying to figure out their quirks and how to use their abilities to kill the Emperor. Getting four new ones is like getting an entirely new game, and I’m stoked.

You can pick up Solitairica now for iOS, Android, and PC/Mac. The new content will be here on June 29th, so make sure you have it installed and ready to go by then.

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Notable Replies

  1. Loved this game, although I only managed to beat the Emperor with one deck. This expansion will get me back into it, I'm sure.

  2. js619 says:

    Agreed. I think I beat it with all but one deck, but lost interest and deleted it from my phone. Time for a reinstall.

  3. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

  4. js619 says:

    Update is out...

  5. £1 well spent, now I just need to gather up more resources to start unlocking the new characters.

  6. So I gather this was pulled earlier. DLC purchases not working, data getting eaten (though there may be a fix to recover this, apparently) etc.

    Edit: I thought it had been pulled because I never saw it due to iOS 10 now being required. Sorry for any confusion.

  7. js619 says:

    Anyone able to purchase the DLC? I have the latest update and still keep getting "unable to purchase" when I try to buy the new decks...

  8. This was happening to me as well. I ended up closing the app completely and restarting and trying again and it eventually worked. They released another update yesterday, so I'm not sure if that solves the problem and allows it to work on the first try.

  9. js619 says:

    I have the latest update... let me try force closing and seeing if that helps. I've never met a developer that wouldn't take my money before! :smile:

    edit: Nope... I get "connecting to store..." and then "Sorry, purchase failed!"

  10. The update got me back into this game. I haven't tried to buy the new decks because I haven't won with all of the original ones yet.

    Just finished a successful Monk run yesterday, which reminded me of one "complaint" I have about this game--the final battle is typically anticlimactic. If I can reach Emperor Stuck, I can beat him fairly easily. But that's a minor quibble.

  11. Agreed. Emperor Stuck is kind of a weakling. Haven't gotten to him in the Epic Journey mode yet, though. It's definitely harder. I think my farthest in Epic is only to round 15. I really want to see if they beefed up the Emperor in that mode to where he's a formidable foe.

  12. js619 says:

    Agreed here as well... I'm really enjoying the defense deck play wise, but keep dying on Barb. Her mechanic of turning the defense cards to attacks keeps hamstringing the play style.

    And speaking of Emperor Stuck... I almost felt bad for him on this one -

    That armor reads 117528, btw... I had it higher but got bored of seeing how high I could go before I crashed the game, so I used some of it to kill the last remaining cards... I think the mechanic here broke at some point around the 3000 armor mark.
  13. js619 says:

    Just beat ol' Stucky in epic difficulty with the Vanguard... same setup as above - the defense card that gives 5 armor, the defense card that doubles your armor, and an item that added 2 to every armor gain. Took a bit of time and my armor was nowhere near the 117k, but it was still up there and he wasn't much of a challenge. Died once enroute to the seal with the club (he was able to destroy all armor and then hit me for 15 damage twice in a row) but thankfully had an hourglass.

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