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Burgle Bros. beta be banging

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Over the weekend I was invited to partake in designer Tim Fowers‘ next foray into the mobile gamespace, Burgle Bros. His previous board game port was the absolutely fantastic, Paperback, so I was immediately on board for checking out whatever Tim was working on. The only difference is that I’d played the cardboard version of Paperback before the app landed whereas Burgle Bros. was a completely new entity for me. Let’s take a look.

Burgle Bros. is a cooperative heist game in which 1-4 players work together to crack safes within a three story building, then escaping to the roof where they can be airlifted out. Instead of hit points, players have “stealth points” and if those run out and a guard spots you, it’s game over for the entire crew.

Jack LaLanne called…
Stop rapping at my chamber door!
I have no idea what these icons mean. Is this how people felt when they tried to play Race for the Galaxy?

The Nakatomi Plaza in this scenario is made of tiles, with each floor consisting of a 4×4 grid of unknown rooms. As you explore, you’ll find all sorts of cool places with different alarms, actions, or, if you’re lucky, stairs. There’s no John McClane wandering the building, but there are guards posted on each floor. They move each turn (not having played the physical game, I’m still not sure how the guards movement is decided. The digital version just does moves them after each turn), and will steal those precious stealth points if you’re spotted.

Apparently, you can’t fall into the basement.

At this point, the app is a beta, but it seems awfully complete with a few exceptions. The tutorial is present, but left me with some questions. The game, however, is fairly simple to figure out apart from little gamey details like the guards’ movement and how some tiles work. The UI could use a little polish, but it’s serviceable. All-in-all, I think we have yet another great board game port heading our way in 2017.

Hiding in plain sight.

There are no videos of the digital version, yet, but there’s plenty for the cardboard version. Here’s a full play through from the men and woman of Game Night!


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