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New content for Pathfinder Adventures coming next week

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Earlier this year, 2016’s best mobile title made its way to our desktops and laptops when Pathfinder Adventures was launched on Steam. While more platforms isn’t a terrible thing, most of us were far more interested in what was going on content-wise with Pathfinder, which hadn’t seen any major content additions since the Rise of the Runelords campaign came to an end last year. We had heard, from Pathfinder’s new publisher, Asmodee, that more content was coming, but what and when was in left up in the air. That all changed this morning.

We should expect new content for Pathfinder to land on the App Store next week. The content is called The Rise of the Goblins, and will take the events from Rise of the Runelords, but put you in the bad guys’ shoes. That’s right, you get to play as goblins, and characters who were bosses and henchmen before are now allies.

Remember me?

I was reading a bit about the announcement over at Obsidian’s site and something struck me. See if you can spot it.

The first adventure deck for Rise of the Goblins contains five scenarios that starts in Sandpoint and because of the actions of the goblins it sets off the events that lead into the RotR’s Attack on Sandpoint.

The first adventure deck? They don’t specifically mention more Goblin-themed adventure decks being released, but this sure makes it sound like we can expect more in the future, perhaps paralleling the entire human campaign that existed in Rise of the Runelords? Hmm.

Because you’re basically playing an evil party of Goblins, you won’t be able to play the new content with the characters you’ve come to know and love. Instead, we’re getting 2 new goblin characters and they have reimagined the iconic Pathfinder characters as goblins, with new abilities, so you can build an entire goblin party.

He’s actually more attractive as a goblin.

As an added bonus, you’ll be able to bring these goblin characters on regular runs through Rise of the Runelords, if you wish.

Obsidian is also introducing new “Goblin Dice”, which look rather primitive and look different from the other dice we’ve been finding in chests for the past 7-8 months or so.

The Obsidian update also includes mention of what’s next, and they’re focusing on character specific adventure decks. These will be decks of five scenarios that tell each character’s backstory. Sadly, they don’t mention Skull & Shackles or Wrath of the Righteous, so we still don’t know if we’re getting another full-length adventure path.

You can download the mobile version of Pathfinder Adventures for free, and the PC/Mac version is $25. The PC/Mac version includes the Rise of the Runelords campaign, and content between the two platforms should transfer, meaning that if you buy Rise of the Goblins for $9 when it launches, it will be available on both your PC and mobile device.

Notable Replies

  1. I really do like this game quite a lot.

    But why am I very cynical about all the things released for the game? This particular release does sound like it is giving us some good new content (though we will see how much is just a re-skin), but I always feel like they are giving us not what we want, but what they think they can milk our money with.

  2. js619 says:

    This to the nth degree.

  3. Right on schedule.......:rolling_eyes:

  4. According to TouchArcade, this finally updated. I'm unable to update this week, but I'd love to hear impressions. According to TA, you can buy the expansion for gold, which is great because I've been stockpiling for future expansions.

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