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Darkest Dungeon ventures onto the App Store

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I remember talking with Red Hook Studios about Darkest Dungeon way back when Owen was still running the ship over at Pocket Tactics. He was, rightfully, enamored with the PC version and wanted a tablet version pronto and, at the time, was told mobile was a possibility. It’s taken a couple years, but today Owen should be doing a little happy dance as Darkest Dungeon is now available on your iPad.

If you’re unfamiliar with Darkest Dungeon, let me explain the premise. Your ancestors did some naughty shit and now you’re back to claim your birthright, but you’re not really a naughty shit kind of person so you hire goons adventurers to clean up the mess. It has an XCOM vibe wrapped in a dark, Lovecraftian fantasy world where you send groups of willing (or, sometimes, unwilling) adventurers below your familial estate to find loot and discover just what happened to cause everything to go to hell.

Like XCOM, you’ll send squads to fight hordes of bad guys. Combat is turn-based, and apart from the terror of losing a high level character to permadeath, here you can also lose them to insanity. The horrors take their toll and characters can gain afflictions which force them to act in ways you sincerely wish they wouldn’t. You can cure insanity by dropping your crew at the Sanitarium, Abbey, or Tavern, but then they’re lost to you for upcoming missions, having to be replaced by newbie cannon fodder.

It’s a fantastic game on PC and, from what I’ve heard, the tablet port is FTL-level perfect. I have yet to try it myself, as we just received codes today, but I’ll be playing the hell out of it the next day or two to get a review out as soon as possible. That said, getting the full PC game for only $5 seems like a steal. That said, it also requires a 64-bit device running iOS 9+, so unless you have an Air or beyond, you’re out of luck.

The PC version also has DLC available, The Crimson Court. The DLC isn’t available for the iPad version, yet, but Red Hook expects it to appear via IAP before the end of 2017.

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Notable Replies

  1. There was always going to come a day where all the good apps were released in 64 bit and I would have to buy a new ipad. Maybe today is that day

  2. js619 says:

    iPad Pro... you won't regret it.

    ETA: ok... someone tell me wtf I'm doing here? So much unexplained.... and the touch target area could've been larger on some objects. Otherwise pretty cool so far...

  3. Pretty cool game so far. I like the depth of the stats and character building, though the game is a little darker (both visually and in tone) than I tend to like. One of my biggest issues with the game right now is that it is very difficult for me to see the information boxes when I hover over an item or stat - they are always behind my fingers.

    I'm glad I'm playing and will certainly continue to do so. For my tastes, I think I prefer Guild of Dungeoneering for a similar, though lighter, game.

  4. Hardco says:

    Touch target area is really small on a mini, and reading touch and hold info. Somehow on my first mission I had disabled all of the abilities of one of the two guys, and he could only swap places with the other guy.

  5. I've been really looking forward to this coming out on ipad having played it on PC a bit, but never having the time to progress far.

    The implementation seems decent, but the issue with replacing the mouseover a long tap does need work as it is tough to read stuff behind your fingers, and I've accidentally triggered abilities a couple of times.

    You do get used to it though - one thing that helps is if you long press and then take your finger off the screen, the information stays there.

  6. Pitta says:

    7 hours later....I finally killed the Necromancer (first real boss).

    I'm still sweating....this game is GLORIOUS.

    Never had so much fun since Warhammer Quest.
    Finally all the various parts are starting to click in (there is SO MUCH going on...but if you take it easy and experiment a bit after a while everything will make sense).
    It's a ton of fun and I'm really liking how they progress the story in a randomized enviroment, really brilliant.

  7. I get to the point where I start fighting the second tier and I just freeze up and can no longer push through. Too damned high risk.

    Done this twice now!

  8. I don't have anything against Roguelikes, and I have enjoyed my fair share, but one of my favorite elements of RPGs, especially of the tactical variety, is growing a character. I, enjoying DD, but the permanent death takes me out of the game a little.

  9. well timed retreats save the day and the characters.

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