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Card Thief ready to expand the guild

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Any other year and Tinytouchtales solitaire card heist game, Card Thief, would be the only game we’d be talking about. It has everything we love about mobile gaming in a nearly perfect package, with the added benefit of being incredibly complex and requiring something we seldom see in mobile titles: thought. Unfortunately, 2017 has already introduced a slew of possible GOTY contenders, pushing Card Thief back into the shadows (one of them is also a Tinytouchtales gem, Miracle Merchant). Arnold from Tinytouchtales doesn’t like being in the background and next week we’ll see Card Thief move back into the light (considering the game’s dark/light mechanism, this metaphor really isn’t working, is it?) when it receives its first major content update.

The imminent update brings ten new thieves into your guild’s nefarious clutches. Thing is, thieves tend to be a slippery bunch, so you only get to unlock three of the new brigands each day. Once unlocked, you’ll be able to use those thieves to compete on the ladders until they leave your service and three new thieves become available for servitude.

To unlock the thieves each day, you’ll use all that trash loot you get from each successful chest you burgle. Remember that stuff that used to do nothing? Now it will unlock all sorts of cool new thieves with all sorts of cool new options and abilities. Considering the uselessness of loot was my only real complaint about Card Thief when it released, this is a welcome addition.

The update will also include some card tweaks to help balance things out, as well as the ability to replay the daily heist. The update has been sent over to Cupertino, and TTT is expecting it will land on the App Store next week. We’ll let you know.

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