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The new Lords of Waterdeep ready for action…today

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Way back in August we assured everyone that the 64-bit update to everyone’s favorite Playdek game involving questing with cubes, Lords of Waterdeep, would be released on August 23. For those of you without a working sundial, that means the new LoW was supposed to be here over a week ago. Making software is tough, things happen, bugs are found, and sometimes even Wizards of the Coast gets involved. All that is over now, though, as we can expect the new Lords of Waterdeep to arrive later today.

Playdek has upgraded the Apple version of LoW to make it 64-bit compliant, granting a stay from 32-bit execution when iOS 11 releases in the next month or so. That’s not all, though. For the first time, you’ll also be able to play Lords of Waterdeep on an Android device or, for those too cool for mobile, on your PC or Mac via a Steam release.

So, what’s new? The game has been rebuilt in Unity, and has converted the board to have that pseudo3D/parallax look that we’ve seen before in games like Sorcery!. For those of you who find that nauseating, you can turn it right the heck off and flatten the entire city back into only two dimensions. Early images also seem to indicate that landscape mode is now a thing, so turn your phones and see what happens.

The update will be free for owners of the iOS version with the Android version selling for $10 and the PC/Mac version going for $15. To celebrate the launch, however, the mobile versions will be half-off this week, available for $5, and the PC/Mac version will be 30% off as well. IAP will also be on sale, and you can pick up Undermountain and Skullport expansions for $3 each.

Brad over at 164 has a preview video up if you want to see the new LoW in action. Check it out below.

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Notable Replies

  1. The PC/Mac version isn't going live for another 4 hours or so. Expecting the Android to go live around the same time. If someone finds the Android link, please post and I'll add it to the story.

  2. it's a tapfest now :unamused:

    card texts in many screens are too small, so tap to enlarge this, tap to enlarge that, tap, tap, tappititap.
    for me it looks and feels like a browsergame now. adapted to big fat flatscreen monitors.
    i must even tapswitch between opponents' player boards :slight_frown:

    "i must take it if i want to play it" pragmatism is ok, but i can't love it like i did before when it was an outstanding piece of native app art.

    Parallax? i don't see much of a difference when i switch on/off.

  3. Twilight Struggle is an excellent example for "the best in both worlds" though :thinking:

    Playdek can do it.

  4. Could you elaborate on this a bit. I'd like to understand the specific issues so we can address it. Not trying to be argumentative here, but we're getting a huge range of feedback on the new version across all platforms.

    "Card text in many screens are too small"
    In the previous version, we didn't show the whole card when it was in a player tray, just the condensed half height version, so there was no text on the card. We're still doing that on the iPhone version, but iPad shows the entire card. Would the half height be better since the icons are larger but the only text is the card name?

    "tap to enlarge this, tap to enlarge that"
    You had to double tap every card to see what it did in the previous version. How is the new version different? Is it because you have use buttons to scroll between magnified cards instead of swiping?

    "I must even tapswitch between opponents' player boards"
    You had to do this in the previous version. All of your opponents were only shown by name at the top of the screen, and you had to tap through each one of them in order to see the adventurers in their tavern.

    The "Map Parallax" settings will tilt the map to track your finger when you touch the device. It's more noticeable on PC when it is tracking the mouse cursor.

    Are you playing with the default map view that appears when you load the game or are you zooming in the so map is flat?

    There's an issue with some of the textures that only seems to occur on iOS, which is causing the fuzziness in some of the icons. We're looking into it now.

    Thanks for your feedback!

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