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As we draw nearer to the doom that is iOS 11, it’s becoming more and more clear which of your apps will still work in October and which won’t. Some of the apps we wouldn’t have been surprised to see go away are the catalog of board games released by Codito. After all, Codito is a one-man show that left the digital board game biz years ago when he needed to make enough money to buy luxuries like food and shelter. So, if Codito had said, “Sorry!” and let their apps die, it would have been sad, but understandable. Codito’s not doing that, however. Instead, they’ve promised that all their apps will be converted to 64-bits and that process is well underway. Ra has already been converted and, last night, Le Havre made the leap to 64-bits as well.

Le Havre was the first Uwe Rosenberg title to make its way to iOS, way back in 2012–more than a year before his next title, Agricola, would be released by Playdek. It was the first “heavy” board game released for iOS and, in my opinion, the best port that Codito ever pulled off. It’s the epitome of euro-game, a resource collector in which you’re gathering resources to turn those resources into other resources and, eventually, convert them to Victory Points. Sounds dry, but it’s one of the best heavy euros ever designed, and the Codito port is nearly perfect.

The app is now 64-bit and will last until Apple figures out another way to screw up the App Store. If you see Mr. Codito around town, buy that man a beer. He’s going above and beyond and, considering that we have big companies who aren’t bothering to update their apps, deserves a little bit of praise.


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  1. athros says:

  2. I'm proud to know Chris Ewington (Codito) from early on. He's always placed his customers first and has always delivered a quality product.

  3. athros says:

    Oh uh well....crap.

    Sorry Mr. Codito :frowning:

  4. Hi everyone! Yes, I was trying to do a "stealth" update here just in case there were any issues with the build... and, of course, there were!

    The FPS counter was a minor boo-boo, but apparently I also need to build the app differently so it will still run on older devices.

    I'll be posting another set of updates soon. When those are out, I'll have a sale to celebrate.

    So, go ahead and update if you can, but don't spread the word just yet. :wink:

  5. For those following here, Le Have and BHOTW have both been updated again to include support for older devices (stupid Xcode settings... :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) AND all the Codito apps are on sale for "Tier 1" ($0.99 or local equivalent) prices to celebrate.

    The esteemed Mr. Neumann will have more details to share with everyone soon. Gotta reward him (with more work, of course) for his years of support too! :wink:

    Happy gaming!

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