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Codito strikes again, making Brief History of the World 64-bit

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We praised Codito last week for being cool enough to spend their time and money to make sure all their apps survive the upcoming App-ocalypse, arriving with the imminent release of iOS 11. At the time, Le Havre had gone 64-bits and we all jumped and cheered and patted Codito on the back saying things like, “Good show!” and “Well played!”. Strangely, all this Codito love was followed by an email from Mr. Codito telling me to knock it right the hell off. I was confused, but held my tongue and waited for more info, which arrived today.

Turns out that Mr. Codito didn’t just want to fix their entire catalog of board games, but they also wanted to give them away for next to nothing. Last night the update for Brief History of the World came through, making Ra, Le Havre, and BHotW all 64-bit compliant. The other games in the Codito stable–Medici, Tigris and Euphrates, and Tikal–are still in the shop, and will take a little longer to convert, but it will happen. Tigris and Tikal are coming soon, with Medici bringing up the rear.

  • Tigris & Euphrates, Tikal, and Medici will take a bit longer, but I do intend to update all of them too.
  • Tigris and Tikal are next on the list and I am hopeful I can finish updating them in the next month or so.
  • Medici, as our very first board game release, needs quite a bit more “modernizing”, so it will take quite a bit longer, but should see a significant improvement over the previous version. (I’m really hoping to finally add multiplayer, but please don’t hold your breath!)

To celebrate, and inflate, Mr. Codito’s selflessness, he’s offering all the Codito games for only $1 from now through Sunday. If you haven’t purchased all of the Codito titles, think about picking them up now. Even if you don’t plan on ever playing Medici, the work Codito is doing to make their apps playable (when other, bigger companies are refusing to do so) has to be worth at least a buck or two. If, like me, you already own all the Codito titles, they’ve set up a PayPal account just in case any of us feel the urge to donate and help them do things such as, I don’t know, feeding their children or paying a mortgage. It’s entirely voluntary, but so is all the work he’s doing to keep Le Havre on my iPad.

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Notable Replies

  1. Have t played History in a while, but I like it. Should take the update for a spin.

  2. I'm still looking for any input on whether this game plays asynchronously and whether it is stable. I'd love to get his one to play with some friends, assuming it works the way we want.

  3. The paypal link goes to a Chris Ewington in Calgary, CA. Is this "Mr. Codito"?

  4. It does play asynchronously.

    As for stability, I think there was only the one big bug that affected it, and supposedly the last update fixed it.

    Haven't played it since (and that bug didn't affect me anyway, enough so that I can't remember what it was), so I don't know if it's fixed.

    But I played 4 async games with guys from here and enjoyed them all!

  5. As whovian223 says, there was a bug with the undo button in the last version that has been addressed in the patch notes for this update. I found not using the undo button an acceptable workaround for that bug though.

    Other than that the game was really stable. I played a couple of dozen games recently under the previous version

  6. Yep! Mr. Codito is shorter to type. :slight_smile:

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