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If you haven’t already sunk 12 hours into it, Warhammer Quest 2 is here

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Loaded up with Ny-Quil and Ambien, I attempted to go to bed well before my normal sleepy time last night in an effort to kill the virus currently treating my lungs as a waterpark. Twenty minutes later a tweet popped up on my phone announcing that Warhammer Quest 2 had arrived on the App Store. I tried–I swear I tried–to stay awake and play the hell out of it, but the drugs won and I managed to almost complete the intro/tutorial dungeon before blacking out. I know, this is probably the saddest story you’ve heard all week. Sorry to bring the room down. On a positive note, Warhammer Quest 2 is out and you should be playing it.

Warhammer Quest 2 continues in the award-winning footsteps of its predecessor, released back in 2013. Take a party into dungeons, clobber critters, find loot, rinse and repeat. Like the first game, everything is handled from a top-down perspective. Unlike the first game, you can change that if you want with a free roaming camera that will let you zoom, pan, rotate around the action like never before. You’ll want to, as the room design and character models are wonderful, begging you to check out every detail.

Just so I don’t miss anything:

  • 4 playable Warriors to lead into dungeons.
  • Over 25 brand new enemy types to defeat.
  • More than 200 weapons, armours and skills to collect.
  • Full 10 part story campaign to fight through.
  • Use your skill to solve travel events.
  • Unlock over 40 tricky achievements.
  • Use iCloud to synchronize your games across all your devices.

Apart from the base game, there’s also a bit of IAP available at launch. There’s a new character, new weapons, and even a whole new campaign and region of Warhammer-land to explore. None of the IAP is necessary, but you’ll probably end up wanting more at some point. Or, you could just buy it all like I did without even reading what I was getting.

Warhammer Quest 2 is available for iOS Universal and will run on any device with iOS 10 or 11 on it. It sounds like there are some issues with iOS and WHQ2 crashing, so beware if you’re holding out with the older iOS. Touch Arcade is reporting that Perchang is already on the case and has submitted a fix that should, hopefully, solve the issue.

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