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If you don’t already love Zach Gage, FlipFlop will do the trick

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It’s already been a great year for solitaire card games on mobile. We’ve had Card Thief, Onirim, and Miracle Merchant, all of which are GOTY-quality apps. Zach Gage felt he needed to jump on the bandwagon–Typeshift didn’t suck up enough of my time earlier this year–and yesterday he released his latest title, Flipflop Solitaire. Yes, it’s just solitaire, but somehow Zach Gage has made it much more. How does he do it? I’m guessing it’s the little bit of love he puts into every app.

Flipflop Solitaire is basically solitaire with some new rules. I can already hear you switching the channel to another blog [that’s how the internet works, right? -ed.], but stick with me. The rule changes are slight and yet turn solitaire from a game of predetermined luck into one of strategy, skill, and, dare I say, fun. Solitaire is fun, guys!

The basic premise is the same as regular old Klondike: get all the cards to locations at the top of the board, starting with aces and going all the way to kings. Unlike regular solitaire, however, you can stack any suit onto any suit. Red, black, green (yes, green) doesn’t matter, you can stack any color nine onto any color ten. The real zinger is that you can also stack that nine onto an eight. Then you can stack a ten and then another nine and then an eight. Yep, the sequence of cards can go either up or down, and it will blow your mind.

It’s truly crazy how a little tweak like that can completely change your perception of a simple card game, but it does. Being able to go back and forth in the sequence of cards means you can move cards a lot more than you’re used to in regular solitaire. So much so that Zach’s included a Help button to show you all the current legal moves. It’s not cheating. I swear.

The game offers different variants from a single suit (which I haven’t lost) all the way up to five suits (which I don’t think anyone can win). The app is free to download with ads, but you can unlock the whole shebang for $3 via IAP and why wouldn’t ya? Flipflop Solitaire is available for iOS Universal right now. Check out our gameplay video below and do what most people can only dream of: watch a dull, fat guy play solitaire.



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Notable Replies

  1. I'd love him if he released things within a meaningful window on Android. Still waiting on Typeshift, and I'm guessing I'd be able to play this on my phone sometime in 2019.

  2. Is this the very first premier Stately Play video? I like it!

    It would be interesting to start a thread about our favorite game-play videos. I’ve watched a ton and it’s almost as fun as playing, and requires less energy than setting up a board when I’m lying awake in bed at stupid-dark-am.

    Ok, I’m gonna start that thread and see what happens...

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