No pardoning that bird

Sales to choke down with your turkey

While App Store sales and Uncle Ed getting hammered on blackberry brandy then clumsily groping Aunt Elle in front of you and your cousins are both expected on Thanksgiving Day, only one of them will require years of therapy to unravel. We’re going to focus on the one that doesn’t require professional help: sales. Click beyond to see all that we’ve found on the App Store and Steam this holiday weekend. I’m sure we’ve missed a bunch, but there’s a therapy session we need to attend.

Hopefully you find something worth picking up, and if I missed a sale you’re aware of, please post it in the comments so others can jump on it as well. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone, and I’ll see you back here on Monday.

Asmodee Digital

Asmodee isn’t having a sale on the App Store this weekend, but they are putting a few of their Steam apps on sale.

Acram Digital

These apps won’t update or go on sale until this Friday, but they’re pretty great deals so we’re lumping them in.

Roboto Games

Only one game, but it’s a doozy.


We’ve already mentioned a few Playdek titles, but they’re under the Asmodee Digital umbrella now up above. Two other Playdek titles that remain published by Playdek are on sale:

Button Mash Games

These guys have only put out two digital board games, but they’re both pretty great. They’re also on sale.

Tin Man Games

Thankfully, they didn’t put all their gamebooks on sale this year. I still have cramps from a few years ago and having to cut/paste links for all their apps.

Temple Gates Games

Sure, they’re the new kids on the block but they made quite an entrance:

Matrix Games

These are all either on Steam or Direct Downloads. Where there’s a Steam link, I’m only including that one.

Nomad Games

Sure, Asmodee has taken over publishing duties for Talisman and Smash Up, but Nomad has plenty on their own.

Czech Games Edition

No luck on getting Through the Ages any cheaper, but the excellent Galaxy Trucker will be going on sale starting Friday.



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