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The Stately Play Readers’ Game of the Year Award nominations are open

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It’s December which means every site is obligated to start handing out awards, recognizing games that made a difference in the current year. 2017 is going to be a tough one, as there are a lot of great games that popped up on the App Store since January. Next week, we’ll be counting down our top 5 games of the year similar to how we did it last year. Everyone on the staff will give you their top five, so  you don’t have to worry that you’ll only get my take, which has been scientifically proven to suck.

Now it’s your turn.

We’d also like to get all the readers involved as well. To do that, we’ll use the comments on this post as a nomination process. If there’s a game that released in 2017 that you feel was the top game of the year, nominate it. We’ll keep the nominations open through 12:01am on December 17. That will give me all day Sunday to put them together. Then, next week I’ll create a poll with all the nominees and we’ll have ourselves a proper vote, sans electoral college. I’ll announce the readers’ winner for GotY on Friday, December 22 when we reveal all the staff’s #1 games as well.

While I’ve told the writers that they aren’t bounded by platform, I think it would be easiest for the readers if we kept it to mobile games, lest the list get too long. That is, games for iOS and Android that have been released in 2017 are all fair game. If you already see your favorite game in the comments, there’s no need to restate it. This is just the nomination process, save your exuberance for the actual voting next week!

With that, the nomination process is open. Let’s see what you can come up with!


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