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Got Discord?

Are you looking for more ways to interact with your favorite writers, fellow Stately Players [I will kill you -ed.], and Dave*?

We’ve got our very own Discord server for that now, because we’re hip and cool. More info after the jump!

Join us by accepting the invitation at the link below and take a look around. We’ve got channels for general game related discussion, sharing gaming recommendations, planning tournaments, chatting about all the awesome articles you read around these parts, and even a place to drop us tips and suggestions on what we ought to be writing about. We’re also hard at work brainstorming ways to use Discord to better reward our loyal Patreon supporters. Come and by and say hello!


*[Interacting with Dave is not a requirement of joining our Discord server. In fact, we advise against interacting with Dave, at least until that rash clears up. -ed.]


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