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Battle of Polytopia going multiplayer

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The end of every game of Battle of Polytopia is an exercise in building self-esteem. I finish each game feeling great about how I did and then see my score is several hundred thousand points behind anyone on the leaderboards. Hooray for me! The only thing that would be more gut wrenching would be your friends personally crushing you in-game. That’s what we have to look forward to as Battle of Polytopia gets updated with multiplayer in February.

We don’t have a lot of info about the upcoming multiplayer mode, just this:

We also don’t know if it will be an update to the existing title or an entirely new app. The wording “Multiplayer of Polytopia” could just be a play on what we already have, or it could be a completely separate thing altogether. A good journalist would find these things out, but I prefer to think of myself as an influencer.

If you’re not aware, Battle of Polytopia is a brilliant little 4X game that puts a simple, yet deep, game of Civ in your pocket. It has a gaggle of units, a tech-tree to manage, and a world to explore. The difference is, the world is small and your time is short. Solo games are only 30 turns and you’re trying to get the best score possible in that tiny timeframe. Will multiplayer games be scored with a time limit, or will they be of the Domination style game, where last cube standing wins?  Only time, or a talented journalist, could get these secrets from Midjiwan. I’ll stick with time.

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Notable Replies

  1. I repeatedly smashed the “like” heart but I didn’t register as 20 likes.

  2. This is a huge problem for me. I had to delete Polytopia long ago because it was too addictive.

  3. multiplayer update is live.

    add me as friend. code: QNm4l40FalL4pwoI

  4. It uses codes? And they are that long?

  5. no problem. just one tap to copy. then paste it.

  6. Is it asynch or live games?

  7. Haven’t tried yet, but pretty sure async.

  8. Player ID: oe5AuDBtKH8v5NzD

    (after I updated, my player ID changed)

  9. athros says:

    Add me in: MsMxRW46f2ahJ1KK

  10. I am gGuuXU9uP5wIlBcJ

    Halfvoids code didn’t work for me either

  11. My code changed after I updated, guessing this new one will work.

    ID: oe5AuDBtKH8v5NzD

  12. confirmative :blush:

  13. js619 says:

    Got @halfvoid too. As an aside, is it really necessary for the keyboard to pop up when adding a friend? Are there really people entering those codes manually lol?

  14. athros says:

    Completely async. 24 hour turn timer, and if you're late the game says you get the boot. No way to change the timer it seems.

    Who's running the first tournament?

  15. I can't get going with multiplayer--the game repeatedly says I'm not logged into Game Center (I am) and forces me to restore my purchases every time I start it. Gonna have to contact Midjiwan and see if they can help me out.

  16. js619 says:

    Looks like it updated again this afternoon on iOS to address some mp issues.

  17. Looks like you can only play friends via invite. No matchmaking service whatsoever, which is a bit of a bummer, but that wouldn't stop a Stately tourney. I sent out a friendly match invite to everyone who posted codes. You can play up to ten players including AI.

  18. I didn’t get anything? I wonder if you’ve got a cursed install there

  19. athros says:

    Neither did I

  20. js619 says:

    Nothing here either, @halfvoid. This game doesn’t like you, apparently.

  21. I got ‘the field of tribes’ so I don’t know if that was a new game or the old one finally got round to me

  22. Woo—tried opening Polytopia again and logged in with no problem. Code is JNe1vToKnPqfVgSl

    Gonna go through and add all of you ...

  23. athros says:

    Nice! Added you without a problem!

  24. Urg. Well I deleted the app and left the beta, hoping it would fix that, but apparently the multiplayer update hasn't rolled out on Android in Europe yet on the production version.

    From twitter it sounds like there were still some hiccups with the servers and the Dev paused the rollout to sort it.

    Probably why the game invite I sent didn't show up until much later, assuming it didn't only show up for you. (only sent one for The Field of Tribes)

    Will update my code when I jump back into the beta again, so go ahead and drop the halfvoid in your friends list. (beta's full now, guess I get to wait)

  25. athros says:

    I’m so confused. I have a game waiting on you to start it @halfvoid

    Well, I guess we see what happens in...13 hours. Does it auto start and then put a bot in for @halfvoid? Or just vanish?

  26. No idea. I have no way back in until the dev opens the release gates again so we have access to it outside of the beta builds on Android in EU/UK, or I can manage to get back in the beta.

    Either way, my code's gonna change, so I'm guessing that game will never start.

  27. I’m a bit late to the party but would love to try this if anybody is setting another one up...


  28. athros says:

    I gotcha.

    I'll start another game with all the people I have, Normal map, 6 people.

    The Lands of Tosami

  29. I didn’t get the lands of tosami request yet, which makes me wonder if each player is only sent the invite when the previous player has accepted and passed the game on.

  30. athros says:

    Hmm. Right now, it shows that @feederofgoats needs to pick a tribe.

  31. Released on Android in the UK now. Still have the same code as before.

    Just picked my tribe in The Lands of Tosami.

  32. Here's mine: 2Ka4paQbsWzb9ERW

  33. The Fields of Tribes is still sitting there: "Halfvoid can start the game. Time up!"
    no autostart. not vanished.

    I did not get an invitation for The Lands of Tosami (yet?)

  34. If you click on the out of time message you get the option to boot them. Perhaps this means it’s not an auto kick for slower players?

    Also js619 is up to pick his tribe in tosami, and you’re after him in the list. I assume you’ll get the notification once he has picked

  35. I can't see that game in my list, so boot me if you can.

  36. athros says:

    It looks like you’re up to pick a tribe. If you still can’t see it, go to ‘Profile’ and tap ‘reload multiplayer data’ which should force a refresh of all multiplayer data

  37. JMH.75 says:

    Bit late, but here is my id: P44gXe8gcvolnVpy
    Open for invites :grinning:

  38. no, i can't kick you. a message comes up telling me "Sorry, it is not your turn yet!".
    because the game has not been started ("Halfvoid can start the game").

    this game is stranded and will keep hanging around. no problem.

  39. @halfvoid, the computer bot stomped over me in our "2P with a Bot" game too.

    was it normal or hard? please don't tell me it was easy :flushed:

  40. It was crazy.

    Seems like crazy is a lot stronger AI in multiplayer than single player.

  41. yes, it was crazy indeed. Bot warriors suddenly coming from all sides, squashing me like a rotten tomato with a baseball club.

  42. GG @halfvoid. I think I was lucky to get the jump on you there. I also have to comment that I didn’t choose the name for our next game, it was auto generated. I’m quite tickled by the idea of playing a round called ‘poooian tales’ and wish I had actually come up with it, but I can’t take credit

  43. @Snotty128, your turn to pick a tribe in Mysterious Hills. timer already expired.

  44. I did see a rogue ‘mysterious hills’ invite but I already have a game called mysterious hills. There’s no second mysterious hills game with you on my list

  45. I'd hope they weren't stored as a string instead of a unique game number on the server.

  46. Bummer! That looked like it was going to be a good game

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