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Battle of Polytopia going multiplayer

iOS Universal, Android •

The end of every game of Battle of Polytopia is an exercise in building self-esteem. I finish each game feeling great about how I did and then see my score is several hundred thousand points behind anyone on the leaderboards. Hooray for me! The only thing that would be more gut wrenching would be your friends personally crushing you in-game. That’s what we have to look forward to as Battle of Polytopia gets updated with multiplayer in February.

We don’t have a lot of info about the upcoming multiplayer mode, just this:

We also don’t know if it will be an update to the existing title or an entirely new app. The wording “Multiplayer of Polytopia” could just be a play on what we already have, or it could be a completely separate thing altogether. A good journalist would find these things out, but I prefer to think of myself as an influencer.

If you’re not aware, Battle of Polytopia is a brilliant little 4X game that puts a simple, yet deep, game of Civ in your pocket. It has a gaggle of units, a tech-tree to manage, and a world to explore. The difference is, the world is small and your time is short. Solo games are only 30 turns and you’re trying to get the best score possible in that tiny timeframe. Will multiplayer games be scored with a time limit, or will they be of the Domination style game, where last cube standing wins?  Only time, or a talented journalist, could get these secrets from Midjiwan. I’ll stick with time.

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