No more beta!

We’ll be able to travel Among the Stars on May 10

iOS, Android •

Yesterday I vented a bit about the seemingly endless barrage of board game betas being thrown at us in 2018 without anything actually, you know, releasing. The folks at Cublo heard my cries and, today, announced that their 7 Wonders-like, sci-fi builder, Among the Stars, will be arriving on iOS and Android on May 10.

We talked about Among the Stars back when the beta opened up, but if you don’t remember here’s a primer. It’s like 7 Wonders in that the game’s central mechanism is card drafting; picking one card from your hand and then passing the remainder of your hand to either the left or right. Unlike the rather loose theming of 7 Wonders, however, Among the Stars has a concrete theme where each card is a new room of a budding space station. Thus, it’s a bit like 7 Wonders and Castles of Mad King Ludwig had a kid who grew up to be a Trekkie.

That tweet is all the info we currently have, so no word on pricing or other release day details. Who cares. In only a couple weeks we’ll have a new board game to play on our mobile devices! It’s been so long since I’ve been able to say that, the details can wait.

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