Stately Selections: The Readers’ Top Games of 2017

December 27, 2017 David Neumann 1

Over the past few days we’ve visited the red pine-lined paths of northern Wisconsin and the less romantic strip mall-lined streets of Rockford, Illinois. I’m just about ready to be done with the holidays. Lucky for me, there’s only another week before the kids go back to school. Maybe I’ll get lucky and fall into a coma in the next few hours. Due to our busy travel schedule over the past weekend, I wasn’t able to log in and take care of the Readers’ Choice awards that you voted for all last week. I’ve amended that today and, after the jump, will share what you, the Stately Players [son of a bitch… -ed.], thought were the five best mobile games of 2017.

Stately Selections: Tof’s Best Video Games of 2017, #1

December 27, 2017 David Neumann 1

Well, the holidays are over. I have happy children so absorbed in their new Switch or Xbox games that we, as parents, have ceased to exist. This means they’re leaving us alone, which is great. It also means that my wife’s blood pressure is approaching catastrophic levels as they ignore her pleas to finish chores. I’m just sitting here writing and staying out of it. Thank god for Stately Play. When we posted our top games of 2017 last week, Tof’s number one game was absent. It’s the holidays and they live a billion miles away from Milwaukee, so get over it. Anyway, we didn’t want to leave Tof out, especially considering that their list has been unique and eye-opening and full of games I wasn’t aware of. Today is no exception with the bonus that I have the ditty from the trailer stuck in my brain from now until the end of time. Thanks, Tof.

Stately Selections: The Best Games of 2017 #1

December 22, 2017 David Neumann 7

Here we are, what all of us think are the best games of 2017. My selection, I’m sure, will completely shock you. Okay, probably not. That said, we have some nice diversity amongst our writers, so I promise it won’t just be five of us telling you how great Through the Ages is. Oh, damn, spoiler! ONWARDS!

Stately Selections: Tof’s Best Games of 2017, Penultimate Edition

December 22, 2017 David Neumann 0

When I posted our number two games of 2017 yesterday, you might have noticed that Tof’s choice was missing from the list. That was due to one of two things: either Tof lives about as far away from me as a human can and still have feet on Terra firma so our timing gets mixed up sometimes, or I really just wanted to use the world “penultimate” in another post title. I’ll let you decide. [Spoiler: it was the second one. -ed.] Without further ado, let’s see what Tof’s second best game of 2017 is.

Stately Selections: Best Games of 2017 #4

December 19, 2017 David Neumann 0

Due to me waking up late yesterday, I didn’t manage to our #5 games out on Monday when I should have. To make up for my sloth, today we’re posting both #5 and #4. This, if you haven’t figured it out by the title of the post, is #4. ONWARD!

Stately Selections: Best Games of 2017 #5

December 19, 2017 David Neumann 1

And, we’re off with our year-end countdown of the best games of 2017. If you didn’t read our Runner Up post yesterday (and you should), here are the rules: the writers were free to choose from any platform to choose their games of choice. And…I guess that was the only rule. That’s right, our only rule was that there are no rules. I feel so metal. For the record, I ignored this rule and kept my five selections in the mobile universe. This was due more to the fact that my list became too unwieldy when I added in other platforms. For example, there’s no way I could have left the excellent XCOM 2 expansion, War of the Chosen off my list. By ignoring Steam titles, I was able to add some mobile games that deserve the love. Also, it was easier and I will always take the path of least resistance. ONWARD!

Stately Selections: Almost Best Games of 2017

December 18, 2017 David Neumann 3

It’s that time of year again where everyone who ever took a keyboarding class decides the rest of the world gives a shit about their opinion. I’m old enough that they called it “typing” when I was in school and if anyone had said keyboarding we would have punched them right in their sniveling faces. That’s how we did things back in my day, those hard knock times known as the 80s.

Readers’ Game of the Year voting begins now!

December 18, 2017 David Neumann 0

iOS, Android • Last week we opened the doors for nominating your favorite mobile games of 2017 and you responded by, well, nominating games. If, instead, we were polling for worst opening sentence in a Stately Play post, I think we might be looking at a winner. We’re not, though, so, yeah. [Oh boy, he’s not getting any better. Actually might be getting worse. -ed.] Anyway [brilliant way to start a new paragraph -ed.], 2017 was an excellent year for gaming in general, but mobile gaming specifically had one of its best years ever. As such, we’re going to open the polling to let you pick your top three games of 2017 and we’ll tally them all up and give you the full run down of results on Friday. Poll after the break.