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FTL follow-up, Into the Breach, set to land on Windows in Feb.

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I’m sure it wasn’t but in the fuzzy, blurry brain of mine, FTL: Faster than Light was the first PC port for iPad that proved tablets could be a legit platform. Here was a top notch PC title that made the jump to iPad and the devs respected us enough to put some love into it. Not only was there the full game with all the recently released Advanced Edition content, but they took the time to rework the UI for the smaller screen and make the touchscreen feel like a natural input device. It was at that moment that Subset Games became one of our favorite developers.

It’s been a few years, but Subset is back with their latest foray into the digital world, Into the Breach, which we can expect to land on Steam on February 27.

The story behind Into the Breach involves giant aliens breeding below the Earth’s surface that break free and start eating people. Your job is to blow them the hell up with mechs, tanks, and whatever else you can get your hands on. You’ll be defending cities, the population of which help power your weapons which means you can’t let your cities fall or you’ll become weaker, making it harder to defend what’s left. Oh, and there’s time travel as well. Ho hum.

The game is turn-based, with the aliens telegraphing their next moves giving you time to plan and strategize the best way to take out the trash. On top of that, each new game offers a completely new, randomly-generated world to defend, so replayability shouldn’t be an issue.

Into the Breach is coming to Windows on February 28 with a Mac and Linux version to follow shortly thereafter. There are currently no plans to bring Into the Breach to mobile or Switch, but they’re not completely opposed to the idea which, I’m pretty sure, is what they said when FTL was launched as well. It took a bit of time, but we did finally get that awesome iPad port. Here’s hoping the same happens with Into the Breach.

We’ll be trying to finagle a code out of Subset over the next few days with the hope of having a review up and ready to go on the 28th. No promises, but keep an eye on this space.

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