Stately Scrying: What we’re playing this weekend

It’s autumn here in the northern midwest [it’s autumn everywhere north of the equator, you idiot -ed.] and we’re getting our last batch of sun-filled days cool enough to comfortably wear a sweatshirt, yet warm enough that you can sit outside and not converse through chattering teeth. As such, I’ve decided to take this afternoon off and go hang out with my kids when they get home from school. What will we do? No idea, but I assume it will involve jumping and leaf piles.

Why am I telling you all this? Because it appears the Stately Staff is doing the same. We’re awfully light on glimpses into the future this week, but we’ll give you what we got. Just a warning, I’m dying to get out there and enjoy the weather, so we might be light on links, too. Yep, it’s a full-blown disaster of a post. Huzzah!

Have a good weekend, everyone!

Beast Quest (for the little Rinellas) and a bunch of other stuff

Cthulhu Wars (and Age of War, but that’s just to have a new restaurant game) is arriving today from Miniature Market, so I’ll be spending the weekend wishing I weren’t saving that to be a Christmas present for my daughter. Hey, I have a ten-year-old daughter who wants the game, so a little patience seems not too much to ask.

I think I might be about Destiny 2ed out, and my son will be on the PS4 as often as we’ll let him this weekend playing the Beast Quest game. I almost feel bad for buying it for him, it’s so terrible, but he clearly loves it. So I’m planning on getting West of Loathing for the Switch. The Valley of the Ancients expansion for Ascension is still bringing me all kinds of joy on iOS, picross keeps whiling away the minutes, and I finally managed to finish a secret room in Cinco Paus, so I’m pretty satisfied with the classics there.

-Kelsey Rinella

Fort Sumter and Arkwright

Volleyball season wraps up this weekend (volleyball free for only a couple weeks then club volleyball revs back up), so I won’t be getting a lot of gaming in between tournaments, team parties, etc. Luckily, however, tonight is free and my gaming buddy asked me over to play Fort Sumter from GMT (you can find a very well written review by our resident Whovian here). I picked it up about a month ago, but getting 2-player games to the table is always a chore so it has sat, untouched, until tonight. I soloed it a few times to get the (rather simple) rules down, so it should be smooth sailing when we throw it down on the table.

I’m also taking the behemoth Arkwright with me. If you’re not familiar, Arkwright is a heavy economic euro set at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution. When I say “heavy”, I mean both in complexity and poundage. It contains at copse load of cardboard chits and chunky wooden cubes and some of the most inscrutable rules I’ve ever had the misfortune to lay eyes on. Thankfully, the folks at Heavy Cardboard did a playthrough and I watched enough to get my bearings. Tonight we won’t play the game, but I’m going to teach it to my friend so when we have the entire gang together we can tag-team the daunting teaching duties together. We’ll see how that goes when we get there.

-Dave Neumann


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