Stately Scrying: What we’re playing this weekend

February 8, 2019 David Neumann 14

I’m going to save you a little time this week by not including my scry. That’s because you can go back to last week’s and just re-read that one if you’re curious. It’s all Slay the Spire all the time at my house, and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. So, here’s the rest of the crew with their takes for the next few days. Get out there and enjoy your weekend, everyone!

Stately Scrying: What we’re playing this weekend

February 1, 2019 David Neumann 13

After our sabbatical we returned last Friday with a roundup of the upcoming weekend’s affairs. You may have noticed that contributions last week were…light. Well, not this week! We’re all back in the saddle, ready to tell you the games we hope to play, if we can just get our kids to leave us alone for two goddamn minutes. Ahem.

Stately Scrying: What we’re playing this weekend

January 25, 2019 David Neumann 31

Okay, so scrying took a month off, but we’re back now and that’s what really matters, no? Hello? Okay, I get it, you’ve moved on. You’ve started reading what other non-professional, second-rate gaming blogs are doing this weekend. It’s okay. I understand. That said, can’t you make room in your weekend-prognostications for little ol’ Stately Play? I think (hope) you can.

Friggin’ Twinfold

January 17, 2019 Kelsey Rinella 9

iOS, Android, PC/Mac This is not even an attempt to be fair; it’s where I will put all of my hate for Twinfold so that I can return to folding twins unburdened. Let’s start at the very top, with the name, which suggests that “folding twins” ought to have been a sensible description of the main action of the game rather than a bizarre triumph of etymology over good sense. “Twinslide” would have killed you, Kenny?

The End of Year Hullabaloo: Top five games of 2018, Number 1

December 24, 2018 David Neumann 3

And here we are, with our #1 games of 2018. I’m hoping to have a poll for the reader’s pick up today or tomorrow, but most likely Wednesday, with the announcement of the winner coming next week on New Year’s Eve. Yes, I know I said I wanted to reveal them both at the same time, but life and all that. We’re up visiting family in the northern Wisconsin woods through tomorrow, so I will definitely get back on the horse after Christmas Day. Look for the poll then and, please, have a happy and safe holiday. We’ll see you here on Wednesday!

The End of Year Hullabaloo: Top five games of 2018, Number 3

December 20, 2018 David Neumann 7

It’s time for our #3 games of 2018, which means that I only have a couple more days of pre-made content that I can just cut/paste while smoking big cigars [Dave doesn’t smoke -ed.] and sipping scotch [Dave doesn’t drink -ed.]. Then it’s back to the hard work that is running these digs [Dave definitely doesn’t work -ed.]. Anyway, that’s next weeks problem [Dave does have a lot of problems -ed.], so let’s get to today’s batch of goodies.

The End of Year Hullabaloo: Top five games of 2018, Number 5

December 18, 2018 David Neumann 8

The hardest part of putting together these end of year articles isn’t searching down links or trying to find a good trailer, it’s writing these damn introductions. Therefore, this year, I’ve decided that I’m going to do the absolute bare minimum and leave these intros as short as possible so you can bite right into the chewy middle. [In other words, you’re too lazy to put together a couple hundred words and are going to make it look like you’re doing us a favor by sitting on your ass and doing nothing? Normally, I’d say this is utter crap, but considering the way you write, I have to agree that less is more. -ed.]

The End of Year Hullabaloo: And so it begins…

December 17, 2018 David Neumann 9

When we kindled Stately Play from the smoldering ashes of things that were, we did so with a few things in mind. Firstly, we weren’t going to try and replicate the magic from days gone by. The previous eleven months had demonstrated it wasn’t possible without Owen in the driver’s seat. Secondly, while games would always be front and center, SP was going to be an open and free place where we could talk about whatever the hell we wanted to. I’m not sure anyone encapsulates that as much as Alex and Tof who, in our Friday scrying articles, will often highlight games that are either 20 years old or so indie that most other sites don’t even know they exist. Most of all, we wanted SP to be a place where a bunch of friends–who’ve never actually met in person–could get together every day, share, learn, or just talk about the stuff that interests them. So far, I think we’ve done okay. We don’t get the clicks we used to pull at that old site, but I think we’re all a hell of a lot happier and I’m too old to care about much more than that. Why am I talking about this today, when I should be introducing our End of the Year shenanigans? Going over the writers’ lists, it dawned on me that they’re pretty perfect from a Stately Play point of view. I think other sites would be terrified to have a 3 year-old game appear on their Best Of list, but if we liked it and can justify its inclusion, who the hell am I to stop it [you’re the editor, dumbass. Oh..I mean, I’m the editor. You’re the owner? Wait, who the hell are you? -ed.] So, here goes nothing. Today we’ll cover games that we wished we could have included in our top 5’s, but didn’t quite make the cut. Tomorrow we’ll get into the lists, proper.

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