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Alan Newman’s Dynasties updated to version 2.1

You might remember Alan Newman as that board game designer who has an awesome last name but spells it all funny. You should also know him as the designer of the rather great two-player title Sun Tzu, which was formerly known as Dynasties. That’s in Cardboard Land. In Digitalville, it’s still known as Dynasties and it’s just been updated to improve a very important mechanism: asynchronous play.

Dynasties pits two players as rivals trying to control the five main provinces of ancient China. To do this, you’ll deploy troops around the country based on card play. Each player will play cards into a province with the higher card adding troops and the lower one running for the hills. Cards can only be used once, so picking the correct timing is crucial to pulling out a victory.

The digital version has solo play vs. an AI as well as pass-and-play multiplayer. With version 2.1, the app now also has online, asynchronous multiplayer and play matching as well as notifications that actually work the way they’re supposed to.

Alan Newman’s Dynasties is available for iOS Universal for $3. The developer, Rational Brothers, was kind enough to sport us five codes, however, and we’re going to give them away. The first five commenters who mention Dynasties in their comment will get a code, the rest of you will have to pick it up the old fashioned way at the link below.

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Notable Replies

  1. Jules says:

    Crumbling Dynasties....
    Only ruins left for me.

  2. athros says:

    Nice update :slight_smile:

  3. JMH.75 says:

    To bad the multiplayer lobby is always empty...

  4. JMH.75 says:

    I tried to register, but both on the iPad as on the PC I did not receive an email with the password for my account. I will contact support, see what they can do about it :grinning:

  5. JMH.75 says:

    I don't have an old account, I just tried to create a new one from within the game on the iPad. The new one is JMH75 without the dot, because that is somehow not permitted. It says it will send an email with the password, but that email has never arrived in my mailbox. I tried it again using a PC this time, but without luck.
    So at the moment, I'm just using my GC account.

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