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The Great War comes to iPad

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When Commands & Colors: The Great War was released earlier this year for PC/Mac, HexWar assured us that it would only be a matter of time before we could play the Commands & Colors title on our tablets. True to their word, yesterday The Great War was unleashed on the App Store.

The Great War is the latest variation on the Commands & Colors game system which has been used countless times in tabletop games, but only twice in digital format. The first was the Windows-only version of Memoir ’44 that is bogged down with F2P shenanigans, and the second is the rather wonderful Battlelore: Command from Fantasy Flight. Instead of battling through World War II or the realms of Terrinoth, in this iteration of C&C you’ll be trudging through the trenches of the Western Front during World War I.

Despite the locale difference, the gameplay remains somewhat similar between each title. The battlefield is broken into three segments–left, center, right–and you have a hand of cards which allows you to move certain units in each sector. Sometimes you can move all your units on the left, sometimes only a couple. Sometimes you can move infantry in all sectors, sometimes armor. The card draws force your strategy and, as such, you have to be on your toes and willing to swap tactics at the drop of a hat.

The digital version has 15 scenarios to chug through, over 50 unique cards to manage, and the ability to play as German, British, or Canadian troops. Yep, Canadians! What other digital war game lets you do that?

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