It's a sad day when you realize that Gogmurt is really just murt in a tube.

Pathfinder Adventures Gets Patched

One of the best, and more bug ridden, titles to land on mobile in 2016 is Obsidian Entertainment‘s port of the Paizo RPG on cards, Pathfinder Adventures. The port brings the card game to life and makes it feel more like an actual RPG and less like the rather simple card game that it is. I love it, and it’s probably my most played title of the year.

I did mention bugs, though, didn’t I. Since its launch it’s been riddled with bugs, most small and rather insignificant, but some have been major showstoppers. Obsidian has been fairly good with getting patches out to clean up the whoppers, and it looks like another one of those  landed earlier this week.

I could summarize what was fixed, but let’s just quote the patch notes:

Kyra – Purge Undead progression break

  • Fixed a progression break that would occur when using Kyra’s Purge Undead power.

Approach to Thistletop Goblin + Garrison progression break

  • Fixed a progression break that would occur when encountering Goblins in Approach to Thistletop at the Garrison.

So, there you have it. If either of those have been plaguing you, your path should now be clear.

Pathfinder Adventures is a free-to-play title, but one that does F2P mostly right with no consumables to buy. Sure, you can buy gold which will unlock new cards, but they’re not a necessity and you can rake in gold by finishing quests and stuff along the way as well.

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Notable Replies

  1. That Gogmurt joke in the caption made me laugh waaay too hard, probably because I have a Gogurt-obsessed two year old at home.

  2. rinelk says:

    I also laughed, but then hated Dave a bit. If it’s a sad day when people realize something, why are you telling them about it?! You’re like One Direction, with that song that says “You don’t know you’re beautiful/That’s what makes you beautiful.” If it’s true, then you’ve just ruined her beauty, and if it’s false, you’re just a liar.

    I have come to the conclusion that the moral guidance offered by captions and pop songs is deeply suspect.

  3. “…but then hated Dave a bit.”

    Et tu, Kelsey?

  4. rinelk says:

    I was still holding out hope that Gogurt had some special ingredient which explained its appeal.

    Dream ruiner.

  5. The “special ingredient” is the fact that your kids can eat Gogurt with their hands without making a complete mess. You should see the havoc my daughter can wreak with a small cup of yogurt and a plastic spoon.

  6. js619 says:

    Honestly. And it’s like cement once it dries… my youngest likes to use her hair as a napkin and screams as if you’re actively murdering her when you try to clean it up.

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