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GMT Games Confirms that C&C: Ancients and Napoleonics Are Coming to Digital

One of the side effects of writing about games for so long is that its allowed me to branch out and try things I normally wouldn’t have tried. For example, 4-5 years ago my shelves contained one or two games from the war game focused GMT Games. Today that number has climbed into the teens with several offerings that I wouldn’t have to bend reality to claim as actual war games (much to my chagrin, I was informed that Twilight Struggle isn’t a real wargame, but a euro in disguise. I was crushed).

As my horizons expand, so does my excitement when I hear about new war games making their way to digital. In this month’s monthly update, GMT finally gave us some info about their wood and sticker-laden entries in the Command & Colors series and if/when we’ll be seeing them on a tablet near us.

Commands & Colors. We aren’t quite ready to release details yet, but look for an announcement over the coming weeks about upcoming digital versions of Commands & Colors Ancients and Commands & Colors Napoleonics! We’ve found an experienced digital team to license and code those games and contracts are in place. They’ll be in charge of release timing, but it’s our hope that they’ll have the first product to your digital devices during the summer of 2017. More in the upcoming Press Release….

That’s all the news we have right now, but it’s promising considering that we’ve been hearing rumors of a digital C&C game from GMT for years now. We’ll keep our eye out for that press release and pass on any new knowledge as it rolls in.

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  1. I’ll believe this when I see it. Digital C&C has been stuck for so long that development hell seems the only appropriate label.

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