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Russian Roulette Update For Wargame: Red Dragon

This is this, and this is free. Eugen Systems continue to deliver the goods for Wargame: Red Dragon, their final entry in the esteemed operational-level real-time tactical series. Though deploying in 2014, the game has now received no less than six expansions and nation packs, four gratis and two paid. For my hard currency, I can’t think of a more enjoyable real-time tactics title, and it sits, stinking of diesel and MLRS propellant, atop the pile of recent strategy gems.

The free Russian Roulette update brings a fresh canvas to the series’ meat-grinder 10v10 mode, swapping out the attrition of pitched line battles for an improbable but intriguing circular clash, where separated force must rasp their way to rendezvous if they hope to last out the encounter.

The Russian Roulette map features an innovative circular level design that has armies intertwined at the start, rather than facing each other. With six twin deployment zones available at the edges of the map, Russian Roulette alternates and provides each side with three, allowing them to directly flank one another right from the beginning.

Secure the flanks while moving towards the center to take hold of the command zones, or choose to regroup, thus leaving easy points & reinforcement zones to the enemy.

Setting a few records for the Wargame: Red Dragon franchise, Russian Roulette features the largest playable area ever designed for the game, allowing large-scale maneuvers. It’s also the map with the highest density of fields and gameplay elements ever made, leaving ample room for ambushes and sneak tactics.

Do you dare play Russian Roulette?

You don’t have to tell me twice. I’ll continue my candlelight vigil for a Cold War South African nation deck, but until then, we gotta play with more bullets. Ten, even.

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