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Commands and Colors title, The Great War, comes to PC/Mac

Another Commands & Colors game from the mind of noted designer Richard Borg has made its way to digital. No, it’s not Memoir ’44 or Command & Colors: Ancients, instead it’s his latest entry into the series, The Great War. It was released earlier today for PC/Mac with tablets coming down the road.

The Great War covers World War I over 15 scenarios which replicate all the major battles along the Western Front. Like all C&C titles, the board is sectioned off into thirds and you’ll use cards to give orders to your units in specific sections of the board. There are over 50 cards total, and figuring out how to survive when none of your cards are going your way is a big part of the fun.

  • 15 scenarios set during the most infamous battles on the western front
  • Over 50 unique combat and command cards to simulate tactical and strategic choices.
  • Make strategic choices faithful to the era with machine guns, trenches, riflemen and bombers
  • Lay waste to the World War 1 era battlefield with artillery strikes
  • Play as German, British or Canadian combatants

And you get to play as Canada! How many war games let you do that? The trailer is below and I have to admit that it looks mighty shiny.

The Great War is available right now for both PC and Mac and can be picked up on Steam. There’s no tablet version available, but there was one in the works so I’m guessing it will be here sooner rather than later.

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