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New fantasy 4X title, Sovereignty: Crown of Kings, released for PC

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After just writing a story about HexWar it seems only fair to chat about their Commands & Colors partners in crime, The Lordz Game Studio. Today, Lordz and Slitherine released a new 4X fantasy title called Sovereignty: Crown of Kings for PC and it looks pretty amazing.

Sovereignty puts you in the captain’s chair of one of 35 different factions (including exotic ones like Humans, Dwarves, and Orks…where’s my eye roll emoji?) and lets you explore, interact with other factions, build trade routes, and, of course, fight. The game is turn-based and apart from the grand strategy of running your kingdom and armies, you can also switch to a tactical mode and directly control troops on the battlefield.

  • 35 factions with specific races, traits, heroes and units for a unique feeling and challenge at every game.
  • Various campaigns modes and unique missions linked with the story of your faction.
  • Resources, Trade Routes and Landmarks enrich the basic economy of a realm.
  • Conduct covert actions to spy on your enemies, badmouth them or improve your image in the eyes of the most powerful clans.
  • Learn new magical spells and use them to get bonuses and trick your opponents
  • Lead your armies directly on the field and take benefit of the environment to outsmart the enemy troops.
  • Use your hero ability at a key moment to swing the tide of a battle.
  • Veteran units can gain experience when they fight and so unlock special skills

Sovereignty: Crown of Kings released today and can be picked up for PC on Steam or via direct download.

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