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Subset Games announces FTL follow-up

PC/Mac/Linux •

Nearly three years after its release on iPad, FTL: Faster than Light is still one of the greatest games on the platform. Not only is it one of the most perfect roguelikes ever made, its port to touchscreens set the standard for all ports from that point on. Since then, the forge at Subset Games has been silent, but today we learned [Hat tip: Matt Thrower and Kotaku] that their next effort is well underway. It’s a turn-based strategy game called Into the Breach and it’s coming for PC/Mac/Linux.

Into the Breach is a single-player game that consists of you blowing up Bugs with mechs and tanks and it looks really, really cool.

The remnants of human civilization are threatened by gigantic creatures breeding beneath the earth. You must control powerful mechs from the future to hold off this alien threat. Each attempt to save the world presents a new randomly generated challenge in this turn-based strategy game.

Sounds a bit different than FTL, but there’s a hint that it might have some of its forebear’s roguelike qualities:

  • Another Chance: Failure is not an option. When you are defeated, send help back through time to save another timeline!

The game has no release date yet, but the fact that they’re starting to talk about it is a good sign. Currently, the only platforms mentioned are Windows, Mac, and Linux, with no mobile version in sight. FTL also launched for PC without a mobile version announced, so we can hope that Into the Breach eventually makes its way to the App Store. As of now, however, you’ll have to dust off your laptop to play whenever it does make it to Steam.



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Notable Replies

  1. Well, that looks awesome.

    I didn’t get into FTL until it went on sale on iOS for the first time. Won’t make that mistake with this game.

  2. js619 says:

    Fingers crossed it makes it to iOS…

  3. While I wasn’t that pleased with FTL initially - I recently got knee deep into Star Chindy and Pixel Starships so I might give it another chance. This buggy game (pun duhahahahaha) however seems to be right up my alley…thanks for the heads-up!

  4. so you can recommend Star Chindy?
    the trailer looked interesting.

  5. I am still trying to get my bearings. It is clearly not an AAA game and would have benefited from a bit of polish here and there (especially localization could have been better) but I like the different approach to the 2 different battle encounters:
    Real time space battles while planing out moves and have them resolve simultaneously in ground combat.

    But for me it is a tough game…I die a lot…especially as it is not all that clear how to heal up. Sure I can remove debuffs from ships and characters but repair/helth regen?
    Maybe it happens later on and I have to tread carefully until then.

    But I like it. Not a great game, but an interesting…err…above average one?

  6. FTL is like golf for me–I really enjoy it, even though I’m truly terrible.

    My greatest “success” in that game so far is almost beating the second version of the flagship … on easy difficulty.

  7. I am horrible at the game…and yet…about once a month I think, “let’s play some FTL today” and I get a fun humbling few hours of entertainment.

  8. js619 says:

    That’s about as far as I’ve made it. Might’ve gotten to the third version of the flagship before dying… felt truly crushed and haven’t picked it up since lol

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