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Wadjet Eye Games releases Shardlight for iOS

iOS Universal, PC •

Other than the upcoming adventure title Thimbleweed Park, the future of classic point-and-click adventure titles on the App Store looks pretty bleak. Sure, there’s Telltale, but their titles feel more like interactive movies than the point-and-click adventures of old. Luckily, we still have Wadjet Eye Games, makers of the fantastic Blackwell series of games for iOS. They’re the lone soldiers on the point-and-click frontier and their latest, Shardlight, has just made its way from PC to iOS.

In Shardlight you play as Amy Wellard, a survivor of the apocalypse. Unfortunately, the war was the easy part.

Amy Wellard was only five when the bombs fell. Twenty years later, her city is still in ruins — and Amy is dying. Green Lung is wiping out the population at an alarming rate. Vaccine is in short supply, rationed by a government that favors the rich while the poor must risk their lives doing dangerous government jobs in exchange for a chance to compete in a stacked-odds lottery.

Amy may not have money or status, but she has something more important: hope. And if there’s a cure out there, she’s going to find it.

I know there’s a political joke in there somewhere but, for some reason, I can’t seem to find anything funny to say. Sad!

Shardlight has been available for PC for exactly one year today, and it’s celebrating the anniversary by coming to the App Store for iOS Universal. Wadjet Eye has also let us know that their next project for iOS will be Technobabylon, a point-and-click adventure with a Blade Runner/Android vibe. We can look forward to that on iOS sometime later in 2017.

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  1. js619 says:

    You had me at post-apocalyptic… anyone play this?

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