I'm not sure the world needs 3D Carcassonne

Look at this…just LOOK AT IT! (The Nick Edition)

Oskar Stålberg is an artist and game designer and we just realized he’s got some skills when it comes to making cool stuff for your laptop.

Consider his Polygonal Planet Project, a browser-based Unity thingamabob where you can build your own planet. You can place continents and islands, raise up mountains, spread forests, and build massive cities. It’s a creative and fun tool with which to play. You can also download it to your computer for faster performance. Oh, there’s more. (Warning: gifs ahead!)

For more down-to-earth fun you can also play around with Brick Block, a 3D tile editor where you are the architect for a city block.

Currently, Oskar is working on a game that will be a cross between Tower Defense and Total War. The as of yet unnamed title will be a single-player affair where you must defend your land from waves upon waves of Viking raiders. As you beat them back you’ll earn gold and experience to upgrade your war band. Oskar intends for the environment to change as you play—dead warriors and broken ships clog up the land—and for the emotion and morale of warriors to matter. The as-yet-unnamed game will be ready when it’s ready, hopefully this year, and Oskar is looking to launch on iOS, Android, and PC. It’s early yet, but things are already looking great.

You can (and should) keep tabs on that, and all the other awesomeness Oskar is working on through Tumblr and Twitter.

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