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Missile Cards making its App Store debut next week

iOS Universal, PC •

We’ve talked a lot about the currently PC-only Missile Cards the past few months, starting with Nick’s glowing review. The big news was that developer, Nathan Meunier, was trying to bring the game to iOS at some point. That point is next week, apparently, as we can expect it on our phones on the 28th of June.

Missile Cards is a mashup of the classic Atari base-defender, Missile Command, with a solitaire card game. I’d say more, but I’ve been waiting for the iOS release as well to get my hands on this one, as I skew Mac-only. So, for more detail I’d read Nick’s review, or let’s look at Nathan’s blurb:

Missile Cards is a solo turn-based strategy defense card game that has you arming your defenses and blasting away deadly hazard that drop from above. Thematically, it’s a kind of like Missile Command meets Solitaire, but with more doomlasers, death, and explosions.

For people who like bullet points:


  • Avoid annihilation through strategic card play and pressure cooker defense card deployment – every choice could be life or death!
  • 5 challenging bases/decks full of unique hazards, defenses, special gameplay and challenging missions.
  • Deploy missiles, lasers, cannons, shields, repair drones, orbital death rays, and much more!
  • Unlock special cards to modify your deck and improve your chances of survival!
  • Earn XP and upgrade your bases with special abilities and enhanced defenses!
  • Fast to learn, highly replayable solo card game action!
  • Delicious punishment: This game is hard. Yes, that’s intentional.

There’s no mention of what Missile Cards might cost on iOS, but considering that the Steam version is only $5, I don’t think we’ll be taking out a second mortgage to cover it.

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Notable Replies

  1. A very cool game that’s perfect on mobile. I was in the beta and had no issues playing this one on my phone or my iPad.

  2. Out now!

  3. (it was secret launched last night, with an email sent out to the beta testers / and a subtle clue on twitter)

    also, an instabuy. :smiley:

  4. js619 says:

    DidI miss something in this one? Everyone is raving about it but it didn’t do much for me when I beta tested… I wanted to like it, but maybe didn’t give it enough of a chance?

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