Tanks and Hexes and Ogres! Oh, my!

Steve Jackson’s classic Ogre comes to Steam

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The original Ogre was designed by Steve Jackson way back in 1977, nearly 25 years before his own publishing company would become synonymous with a little card game called Munchkin. It’s had several editions since it’s days with long lost publisher, Metagaming Concepts, culminating in a ridiculously gigantic new edition (seriously, this thing weighs in at over 30 pounds) funded a few years ago, with the sixth edition hitting shelves in 2016. Part of the Ogre revival includes a digital version which was just released for PC.

If you’re not familiar with Ogre, here’s the deal. The year is 2085, the world sucks, and AI-controlled monstrosities called Ogres rule the battlefield. This is a turn-based tactical combat game with tanks, infantry, hovercraft, marines, and the infamous Ogres all battling for supremacy. There’s a hex map and…do I really need to sell this any harder? The theme and gameplay should be right in everyone’s wheelhouse.

The digital port is from Auroch Digital, the chaps behind the fun (and brutally hard) Chainsaw Warrior titles. This one looks a little more complex and polished than those rather simple titles, however. The PC-only version includes…bah, let me just blurb it for you:

  • Time-Tested, Compelling Gameplay: The Ogre tabletop game has withstood the test of time, captivating gamers for over forty years. This new release is the definitive digital edition of Ogre – including expanded G.E.V. rules for even more variety – and is the first digital adaptation since 1986.
  • Meticulously Crafted Adaptation of the Original Game: Ogre veterans will be instantly be at home with this adaptation, while new players will find a deeply rewarding, turn-based strategy game.
  • All-New Campaign: Engage in brand-new missions created in partnership with Steve Jackson Games.
  • Multiplayer Capability: Test your skill against other players with online turn-based multiplayer gameplay with ranking and matchmaking, plus local “hotseat” multiplayer.
  • Single Player Skirmish and Tutorial Modes: Completely new to the world of Ogre? Learn to play with our in-depth tutorial, then set up a custom game of Ogre and fight against devious AI opponents.
  • Wide Variety of Units and Factions: Build out your faction with Light, Heavy, Superheavy, and Missile Tanks, G.E.V.s, Infantry, Marines, Howitzers, and Ogres (Mark I – Mark VI), while utilizing Trains and Command Posts as you see fit. Choose to play as either the North American Combine or the Paneuropean Federation.
  • Varied Maps Offer Strategic Decisions: Roll through many types of terrain, across bodies of water, and make use of defensive areas to shield your units from attack.
  • Playable Again and Again: Multiple game modes (including single player and multiplayer) plus achievements provide hundreds of hours of entertainment.

The game is for PC-only and it doesn’t appear that any other platforms are on the docket. Oh, well. Time to test out Boot Camp on my Mac, I guess.

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Notable Replies

  1. I didn’t think that Boot Camp ran anymore?

    Seems wildly silly not to release a Mac version.

  2. Kolbex says:

    The price point is going to keep me away from this for the time being, sadly.

  3. Kolbex says:

    Ok, I lied. I had some PayPal funds laying around that I forgot about and also got it for $19.12 on Green Man Gaming. App looks very spiffy so far. Quite polished.

  4. [Rant] No Mac release? In fucking 2017?!?! [/rant]


    I’m liking it a lot. Pleasantly surprised there’s a campaign mode; that’s always fun.

    Of course, Ogre is very nostalgic for me. It was my first game purchase with my own money, way back at the dawn of time.

  5. Kolbex says:

    I’ll bet most of their purchases are nostalgia fueled. It was my first wargame, for sure. I like it, but the targeting method feels weird to me.

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