And I used to think 18xx games were complex...

A Stately Play-cation

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let everyone know that I’m currently up in the still wintry northern woods of Wisconsin. No, I haven’t been abducted by scofflaws looking to sell me into the sex-trade for fat, old white guys. I’m not that lucky. Instead, I’m at our annual mini-convention that consists of myself and 4 of my gaming buddies and we’re playing the hell out of the many, many pounds of cardboard we brought with us. So far we’ve played Inis, Railways of the World, 1889, Hab & Gut, Flamme Rouge, Antiquity and the list is only going to keep growing.

Bottom line I’m not going to be around to post today, which means no Stately Scrying article this afternoon as well as no other cutting edge news stories (I might be stretching the limits of believability by calling anything I write “cutting edge”). I’ll definitely be posting next week, however, and will give a run down and mini-review of everything that hits the table this weekend. See you then!

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Notable Replies

  1. Nice. Probably I’ll play Final Fantasy XV in fits and spurts this weekend. Of the main line games I’ve played (in the current numbering scheme) I, IV, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X and XII, and this one might be my favorite. Well, possibly second favorite, as VIII will always have a special place in my heart.

  2. Good luck have fun! I’m jealous I’m not going on a gaming weekend in the woods, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who would rather be there

  3. That sounds like my dream weekend!

  4. Jammy bastard.

  5. Wow…so there is at least ONE person who likes FF8 as much as I do (goes back to counting the Is behind the V to make sure) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    Still holding off on playing FF 12 and 13 as I want to finish FF6 first

  6. Gunblade 4 lyfe.

  7. Only game I ever made a fan-tribute video too…good old days…

  8. I played the original FF on the NES when it was first released. The next time I played FF was VIII. And the parade scene (I think at the end of disc 2) was at that point the greatest thing ever. So VIII holds a special place for me too.

    I am currently working my way through XIII on boot camp, but somewhat slowly. I really like the story, but hate the battle system.

  9. I quite liked VIII as well. I’ve only played it once, and that was at release, but I did absolutely everything - all cards, all characters to 99, etc.

  10. Hab & Gut. That’s a fine game.

  11. Oh, man, I forgot about the card game. Triple…Triad?

  12. I don’t remember exactly, especially because there was also a somewhat similar card game in IX. I do remember I had to fight some super hard optional boss for one of his cards - King Tonberry, maybe. Like I said, it’s been quite some time. If VIII ever releases for iOS, I will probably drop what I’m doing and play though it immediately.

    Sorry for turning your cool board-game-in-a-cabin thread into a Final Fantasy discussion, Dave.

  13. Yes it was Tripple Triad in FFVIII. The one in FFIX was totally bland in my opinion but TT was nice :slight_smile:

  14. You guys are mis-informed–Final Fantasy Tactics is the only FF game that matters.

  15. And @biffpow throws down the gauntlets!

    Is FF the best tactical RPG ever? Yes. Is it one of the best FF titles? Yes. The only FF game that matters? Them’s fightin’ words.

  16. FFT is the entire reason I specified “main line” games in my initial post.

  17. …you mean aside from FFT:A und FFT:A2? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  18. Eh, I tried FFTA…wasn’t the same for me.

  19. Excellent point! Though I honestly have to agree with @Kolbex. I really, really wanted them both to be as good as FF:T, but it just wasn’t the same. They felt…lighter somehow?

  20. Dealing with inventory in FFTA was murder. Job system was good, law system kept the battles fresh, but trying to buy new armour? Nightmare.

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