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Stately Scrying: What we’re playing this weekend

After missing out on Stately Scrying last week, I learned that I actually missed seeing what my comrades were going to be digging into when Stately Play went to sleep for the weekend. I vowed to never again miss another Scrying post, well, at least until the next time I can’t write one. I’m nothing if not dedicated.

This is probably a good time to tell you that the next time I can’t write will be next week. My kids have off school for spring break, so we’re driving the family truckster down to Florida on Monday morning. Thus, I know I’ll be away from my keyboard on Monday and Tuesday, but I plan on being back at the keys by Tuesday night. Plans often change, however, especially when there are kids and a wife in vacation-mode present. Thus, I make no promises. Who cares about next week, however, when we have this weekend to talk about.

Burnout Paradise

The release of the Burnout Paradise remaster has sent me down an arcade racing rabbit hole. Recent purchases include both Burnout PSP games (which I had to download to my PS3 and then transfer to my Vita, thanks to some classic Sony Digital Bullshit), Ridge Racer Type 4 (I am still so in love with this game’s style), and a copy of WipEout XL that looks like it’s been sand blasted. Hopefully I can find a way to get that one working this weekend.

Paradise has aged surprisingly well for a game that just turned ten(!), but I think that’s mostly because I can count on one hand the games that have even tried to follow up on Paradise’s promise in the intervening years. (The Forza Horizon series and Criterion’s own Need for Speed: Most Wanted came closest, but were ultimately hamstrung by the need to appease the owners of the licensed cars they feature.) With any luck, the success of this release will send the message that people are hungry for more arcade racing carnage… But I also don’t trust the current incarnation of EA to not screw it up. So, for the time being, I’ll keep my 360 plugged in for my beloved Burnout 3, and Burnout Paradise installed on my PS4 hard drive.

Also on the agenda for the weekend: I’ve finally begun Yakuza 0 in earnest, and Sea of Thieves might happen if I can round up a crew. And Into the Breach, still. That game is something else.

-Tanner Hendrickson


I’ll be playing my current PC game-of-choice, the fantastic Minecraft-like Starbound. I seem to be collecting these craft, survive and attempt to thrive games and this one is certainly a winner. There’s planets to explore, monsters to fight, resources to seek out, lots of cool stuff to craft, and an interesting overarching storyline. It’s a deep game with a lot to do and at 20 or so hours I’ve barely scratched the surface. It’s also the type of game where you really can pick how you want to play. You can build powerful mechs and other technological marvels and explore the universe, build a farm and go for a more relaxing life, or something between. I highly recommend it for the sim/builder fans out there.

-Nick Vigdahl


When writing as I do for SP, therein grows a feeling of sitting slightly beyond the periphery of the tablet and the tabletop. Akin to soda-bulbing in the driveway, while the cognac and cardboard contingent tsk-tsk at the manor house window. This week is NOT THAT WEEK.

The digital CCG genre has its titans, but none have hooked me since SolForge. Reminiscing with a friend on the defunct Decipher CCG Wars — their rejig of the Star Wars game once the license ran out — and how it was thematically everything I wanted from a science-fiction card affair, this fine fellow recommended the Kickstarted and recently Early Accessed Prismata. Took a punt, and here we are.

Really digging it. Prismata names a slew of influences, but I’m just happy it’s not a deck-builder. Just keep serving this combative blend of defense lines, ‘factories’, cannibalising units for one reason or another, and that easy-to-play-hard-to-master ruleset. Runs on the smell of an oily rag and is very touchscreen friendly for those rocking the appropriate hybrid PC hardware. Prismata might not have the incredible card art of Wars, but the game isn’t fantasy, so we’re ahead.

That, and the roguebot shooter SYNTHETIK are the weekend’s entertainment.

-Alex Connolly

Buying a Table Saw

I’ve no plans to play anything new this weekend, and I’m perfectly happy with that. Cinco Paus continues to fill odd moments with joy (and call for larger blocks of time to be divided into odd moments), Hob’s still pretty nice, but I’ve mostly been on a cleaning, organization, and minor home improvement kick since I learned I’ll be hosting the in-laws for Easter weekend. I think my wife may have inadvertently given me the excuse I need to finally buy a table saw.

-Kelsey Rinella

Civilization VI Rise & Fall

To be honest, I don’t expect to play many games over the weekend. My eldest has a volleyball tournament all day Saturday and Sunday and my middle son has his school musical this weekend, meaning that I’ll be splitting time between the two with my wife. On top of that, we’ll be packing for a spring break trip which we’ll be leaving for on Monday. That said, the Rise and Fall expansion for Civilization VI just arrived on Mac and I assume that I’ll be attempting to run that through its paces over the next few weeks. Yes, my life is incredibly dull.

That said, I really want to try some of the games mentioned this week, especially Starbound and Prismata. Perhaps I’ll figure out a way to get those downloaded as well.

I will be taking some tabletop games along, as the friends we’re staying with have kids who are game-friendly. I’ve been playing a long-distance D&D campaign with them via Roll20, so we’ll play some D&D 5th Edition face-to-face when we’re down there. I’m also taking along Darkest Night with the hopes of not only playing it, but getting more gameplay videos out the door.

-Dave Neumann

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Notable Replies

  1. Going to be boardgaming all weekend!

    Terminal City Tabletop Convention here in Vancouver, Saturday & Sunday. Going to see some prototypes and demo some games maybe, now that I’m a coughrealcough blogger. And get some games in with friends too.

  2. I’ll be teaching my son how to do a 100-piece jigsaw. Sorting, finding corners, following the picture, all that fun stuff.

    With any free time, which will likely be limited, I’ll be playing Ni No Kuni 2.

  3. How old? I love doing puzzles with my youngest who’s 7. He’s starting to want to do harder and harder ones (because grandma does the 1000 piece ravensburger ones), but they’re still over his head and he ends up frustrated.

  4. Just turned 5.

  5. I’ve got a Black & Decker mouse detailing sander coming in, @rinelk. Will be sanding all the mice.

    What type of table saw? A Triton?

  6. Speaking of Victory Point (I just did), it appears the first expansion to Dawn of the Zeds is coming.

    Now, Alan Emrich has carried on like a complete prick in the past, which has made me buy less and less of VPG’s stuff, but I will make an exception here.

    Other than waiting for Kickstarter to deliver all my goods, I’m still on Prey, Into the Breach, and finally getting around to Dishonoured: Death of the Outsider.

    No power tools, but I am currently refining my EDC kit. Skilhunt H03, Spyderco Pacific Salt, spare 18650 batteries in protective toobs.

    Please ignore the filthy man hanky. You saw nothing.
  7. I have the Atlantic Salt. I have plenty of EDC options but I liked the sheepsfoot blade on the Atlantic so I am less likely to stab myself while on a boat. Can’t go wrong with Spyderco, though!

  8. Holy hell … a SolForge reference?

    Wasn’t expecting that.

  9. I know! Dunno, just came at the right time for a phone CCG.

  10. Pokémon ultra sun with my 5 year old, Pokémon online trading card game with my 4 year old twins, and Armello for me, indulge in som online multiplayer

    I want to play something meatier but I keep quitting on load screen (darkest dungeon, divinity original sin 2 etc)

  11. I backed Prismata ages ago and had forgotten about it (didn’t want to play it in the browser).

    Now that it’s on Steam (and the devs handed over steam keys for us early backers) I’ll give it another go.

    Also just got a new PC so I’m currently reinstalling all the games that ran like garbage on my 7 year old graphics card on my new one.

  12. More FFXV and Into the Breach. I have a feeling that’s gonna be the state(ly) of things for a long time to come.

    Also taking a look at The Silver Case. I’m not what you’d call a visual novel fan, but I found the idea of this one intriguing.

    It’s weird.

    And this is coming from a David Lynch fan.

  13. The Hitachi C10RJ. It looks nearly comparable to the Dewalt that seems to set the standard, but at less that 2/3 the price. My current plans for it involve making some boxes, a set of dividers for a drawer, and a cutting board.

  14. Gems of War with the Stately Play folks, it’s a “Raid Boss” week on the game’s guild cooperative event cycle.

    The annual Rise of Flight community Bloody April event, “Bloody April VIII”, is gearing up (for April, of course :smile: ), the Jasta 5 folks hosting it are bringing up their event server this weekend to test the server, let folks check out their mods and configuration, so I’ll be doing that Saturday afternoon. https://riseofflight.com/forum/topic/51574-bloody-april-viii-campaign-schedule-announced-mar-24-apr-28/

  15. Gems of War and Into the Breach, but I’ve also started clearing out my iOS backlog since there are no new games on that platform that interest me. Getting into Kingdom: New Lands and Invisible Inc and enjoying both so far.

  16. Just gave H1Z1’s “Auto Royale” mode a try, and it was somewhat surprisingly a ton of fun. Very fast paced. Not sure if there’s a solo mode, as you’re confined to a car for the duration, and one player has to drive and can’t shoot. Will definitely play again.

  17. After watching my team botch two pit stops and post 2 DNFs in Australia this morning, I now plan on firing up F1 2016 and running Seb off the track a few times…

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