I spy, with my little eye...

Is that Istanbul on a Switch? Yes, yes it is.

I really have nothing to add here other than I’m wondering if I need an iPad anymore. That answer is looking more and more like a big, fat “no”. Then again, those new iPad Pros they announced today do look mighty shiny…

[Dave was unable to finish this post due to a head wound inflicted by his wife who walked in while he was salivating over the new iPads on the Apple Store. He’ll get better. Can’t get much worse, can he? -ed.]

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Notable Replies

  1. I never use my iPad outside of business purposes these days. The thing is, though, that games like Istanbul are on my phone and I’m not really tempted by the Switch version, either. But between an iPhone and a Switch, I’m right there with you wondering why I need an iPad other than to have more shiny new things.

  2. js619 says:

    I’m worried that if I buy a switch it’ll go the way of my PSP… although with no discs to buy and schlep around… it is nice to buy something once and have it on both my phone and iPad too though.

    eta: @Neumannium, my wife is going to hunt you down, as I’m sitting here browsing Switch titles…

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