For the record, I don't plan on winning anything.

Like Istanbul? Sign-up for Acram’s Istanbul tourney and win real stuff

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A few weeks ago, the folks at Acram Digital noticed that our forums had a knack for running tournaments of digital board games which sparked an idea. How about we run a big Istanbul tournament and post about it on the Stately Play forums? How about we contact the publisher of the physical version and get actual board games to give away as prizes to the winners? [How about you stop asking question after question instead of, you know, actually writing something readable? -ed.]

Ahem. Anyway, there’s a big Istanbul tournament in the works and you can sign-up right now to join. Real prizes are on the line, such at the Istanbul Big Box as well as just regular old Istanbul (which is great even without the expansions). Check out all the details in our forums or over at Acram’s site, where they have the official rules and legalese. Sign up, have fun, and maybe win something!

In other news, all of Acram’s apps–yes, even Istanbul–are currently on sale. Links to the appropriate app stores after the jump.


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